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When I was younger, I loved collecting little trinkets. I had tons of collections and of course I jumped on all the latest trends. Now my own kids are all about collecting items and while sometimes I say no, other times the items are just too cute to say no. Num Noms are one of those toys.

What are Num Noms you may be thinking?

Well they are little ice cream scoop pieces that kids can collect and play with. What makes them stand out is their delicious scents. Seriously they smell amazing and they all have their own unique scents. Nums outside is soft and squishy and inside they have a hollow spot so they can be nested on top of Noms. A Nom is a hard-shelled character piece that holds the Nums and can be pushed around. Some of the Noms are even motorized and some have flavored lip gloss inside.

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Stacking the Num Noms allow kids to make a customized scent fusion, such as Raspberry Cream-Banana Go-Go and Peachy Choco Gloss.

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I got the chance to check out a Deluxe Num Noms pack and some Mystery Blind Bags, all were a hit in our house. Even my boys wanted to play with them because the smell is irresistible!

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I would recommend Num Noms for any mom looking for a cute little collectible line for their children. You can either buy a big pack like the Num Noms Scented Deluxe 8-Pack or a Num Noms Blind Bag, which is perfect for rewards for kids or little additions to gifts.

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  1. Peachy Choco Gloss

  2. My grandkids would love this.

  3. Cynthia Mercado says:

    I would love the choco nana or any of the berries.

  4. kathy pease says:

    My favorite scent is coconut

  5. I think the banana and chocolate scent would be fun

  6. Jessica K. says:

    The cherry is so cute!

  7. Maryann D. says:

    My favorite scent would be any type of vanilla or coconut scent.

  8. Denise Welch says:

    My granddaughter would love these, she would like cherry.

  9. Holly Thomas says:

    My favorite scent is apples.. in particular, McIntosh Apple from Yankee Candles.

  10. Jessica Cox says:

    My favorite scent is fresh baked cookies and bacon

  11. I never heard of these..Reminds of Strawberry Shortcake…..My niece would love them.

  12. Michelle S says:

    My niece would love these! She loves Shopkins, Legos – anything with little pieces.

  13. Jennifer Tilson says:

    I like the smell of blueberry.

  14. Angela Saver says:

    My favorite scent is vanilla! I love they scent of vanilla!

  15. Nikki garrett says:

    I would have to say cherry.These are so adorable!Never knew about them.I know my daughter would have a blast with them. 🙂

  16. Lemon would be my favorite scent

  17. Oh crossing my fingers 🙂

  18. Terra Heck says:

    I like the blueberry scent. Thanks.

  19. Michelle C says:

    I like the Orange Swirl scent! These are adorable.

  20. Samantha s says:

    Raspberry chocolate

  21. vickie Couturier says:

    the Cherry scent would be our fave

  22. Julie Lundstrom says:

    I love Chocolate so Chocolate would be my favorite scent.

  23. My daughter has been asking for some of these! My favorite scent is lemon.

  24. Wendy Caddy says:

    I like Orange swirl scent.

  25. christina moore says:

    These are so cute, my granddaughter love them

  26. Terry Maigi says:

    These are so cute! Ive never heard of them before! I think Raspberry cream would smell the best!

  27. Anything Banana scented is my favorite!

  28. Nicole Lancaster says:

    My favorite scent would be Coconut. I love tropical scents in general.

  29. I have never seen (or smelled!) these; so I don’t know. I do know a certain little girl who would love them though.

  30. Sharon Kaminski says:

    I would like Lulu Licorice.

  31. crystle tellerday says:


  32. Catherine Lewis says:

    This is such a cute toy. My grandchildren would love this. I hope I win! I voted for you and did most of what you wanted. 🙂

  33. My favorite scents are vanilla and apple

  34. My favorite scent is the triple berry.

  35. gretchen luper says:

    My favorite scent is the mint one, that and chocolate combined is awesome.

  36. lana simanovicki says:

    I like peach

  37. Michelle Ward says:

    I like all of them. They are so cute and i bet they smell great.

  38. I like Patty Peach and Peachy Cream 🙂 All their “flavors” sound great!!

  39. The peachy choco gloss sounds nice. Thank you for chance 🙂

  40. Vicki Wurgler says:

    favorite scent would be orange

  41. laura feist says:

    i like the cherryscent

  42. I like the Choco/ Chocolate scent the best.

  43. I think cherry will be my favorite scent. My daughter has been talking about these and has asked for some for her birthday!