The Gorgeous 1 Baby Swaddle/Wrap/Blanket

I received this product in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

When my kids were babies I remember always worrying about holding them right and especially others holding them right.  Were their necks being supported enough? Will I be able to swaddle them? Will I be able to hold keep my baby cozy while they sleep in my arms? Well I did eventually figure it all out and my kids have grown up just fine.

The Gorgeous 1 is a 100% cotton baby swaddle, wrap and blanket all-in-one that supports a baby from birth to 4 months old. I wish I would have had something like this when I my kids were babies but now I am fortunate to know about this product for all the future babies I will be shopping for!

gorgeous baby blanket 1


  • A coconut pad offers perfect support for their fragile frame
  • Grows with baby as the pad can be removed and the swaddle can serve as a soft blanket
  • Includes a multi-layered decorative bow for decorating your baby’s room
  • Recommended by pediatricians and midwives
  • Breathable cotton that is not too hot for baby
  • Uses extra long velcro for quick wrapping
  • The inside of the blanket filled with anti-allergenic silicon fibres to provide comfort and safe support for baby’s head

gorgeous baby blanket 3

Honestly this swaddle/blanket/wrap is amazing. I love the design (which it is also available in blue and pink) and it is such a versatile product. I love that it can grow with baby since they do seem to grow so fast!

gorgeous baby blanket 2

The wrap is really super easy to use which is nice. I had a swaddle blanket for my youngest but honest there was so many velcro spots and I never got it right. This has just one piece of velcro you literally just fold it together and voilah its ready to snuggle baby.

gorgeous 1 wrap 1

gorgeous 1 wrap 2

gorgeous 1 wrap 3

gorgeous 1 wrap 4

gorgeous 1 wrap 5

gorgeous 1 wrap 6

gorgeous 1 wrap 7

gorgeous 1 wrap 8

After 4 months old, it would be perfect for baby to lay on or cuddle with since you can remove the pad that supports their head. I didn’t have a baby I could use this one but my daughter was more than willing to swaddle her baby doll and hold her. Even she was able to do it on her own and hold her doll the right way.

gorgeous 1 wrap 9

This would be great for young kids to hold their baby siblings since it does offer the head support and padding around baby. The bow is a completely separate piece, use it around the blanket to make it look extra pretty or use it to decorate a nursery.

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  1. this looks so warm and snuggly!

  2. Sarah Hayes says:

    this looks so perfect and snuggly. I bet just about any babe would love to be wrapped in this blanket

  3. Lana Simanovicki says:

    Wow these are wonderful

  4. Marti Tabora says:

    I really love this. I need to get one for my first grandchild that we are expecting in June. I would be really nice.

  5. This Swaddle Blanket would be a perfect gift for a new Mom.

  6. This looks so beautiful and wonderfully soothing for a new baby. What a perfect shower gift.

  7. Laura Collins says:

    This would be great for my new grandson

  8. Laura Collins says:

    I would like to get one for my grandson

  9. Jessica Cox says:

    This is such a beautiful swaddle blanket I really like the gray color and pattern and it looks so thick or padded unlike really swaddle blankets. I always had to use a swaddle blanket and then another blanket on top to keep my kids warm