Make It Last: Simple Mattress Care Tips and Tricks for Frugal Homeowners

Frugal homeowners know the value of the items in the home. One possession that is invaluable is a good mattress. At anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand for a set, it’s not an investment you’ll want to let go to waste.  Finding a good one can be tough, which is why there are sites like Once you’ve found a mattress you like, caring for your mattress will go a long way to make sure that it remains supportive for as long as you need it. Keeping your mattress fresh involves more than not removing the tag and changing the sheets once a week. Here are some tips for making the most of the bed you have. 

Don’t Remove the Tag on your Bed

Everyone is familiar with the tag on the side of the bed with the large “do not remove” disclaimer. It’s not illegal to remove the tag. It is, however, a good idea to keep it attached to your mattress. The tag contains important care information. The tag assures you that the mattress is new and provides information on the manufacturer, the manufactured year, and the contents. Unfortunately, the tag has to stay on in order for you to make a warranty claim. So keep it on if you can. For more information on mattress safety, head over the Consumer Product Safety Commission

Clean Your Mattress Carefully

Your mattress may be made of cloth, but that doesn’t mean it can be cleaned like a set of linens. While you should always follow the manufacturer’s care advice, there are certain cleaning standards that should be followed. To clean the mattress, simply vacuum it a few times a year. Treat stains with mild soap and water. Do not dry clean or use other chemical cleaners on your mattress. Or even better, use a mattress cover.


Use Protective Mattress Covers

While they’re not cheap, a mattress cover is the single best way to prolong the life of your bed. Covers have a multitude of benefits and can be purchased at most mattress retailers. The first is stain prevention. Stains will void your warranty and can be a pain to clean; a mattress cover will help prevent them.

The second benefit is to prevent moisture damage to the mattress. Like a sponge that settles after time, moisture will penetrate and damage the mattress after a decade of use. Finally, a mattress cover prevents the buildup of skin cells which lead to dust mites.

Rotate the Bed Frequently

Just like sitting on one side of the couch every day can cause the couch cushion to sink, sleeping on one side of the mattress without rotation will cause it to wear excessively on one side. This wear will permanently damage the mattress.

By the time your mattress noticeably sags, it’s too late. Instead, rotate the mattress at least four times a year. Unless your manufacturer says otherwise, rotate end-to-end and then side-to-side.

Give the Mattress Good Support

The mattress that supports your sleep also needs a good support system. For even distribution of your body weight, use a bed frame with enough support to keep the mattress from bowing in the center. Solid support beams across the middle will also help prevent the box spring from breaking altogether. Also, don’t put anything in between the mattress and the box spring like a wooden board. It won’t prolong the life of your mattress or provide more support.

Don’t Jump on the Bed

“No more monkeys jumping on the bed” is not just a catchy children’s rhyme. It’s also sound advice for keeping your mattress in good condition. Don’t let anyone sit on the side of the bed or jump on the mattress. Jumping causes irreparable internal damage to your mattress structure. Not only that, but hitting surrounding furniture or knocking a head on a wall at high velocity can cause serious injury. Jumping on the bed should be on every frugal family’s don’t list.

A mattress is more than a piece of furniture. It’s a way to bond with a spouse, a source of comfort, and the place of rest. But this comfort comes at a cost. Mattresses are very expensive.  and frugal families know how to take care of items of value.

To keep your mattress feeling comfortable, be sure to avoid jumping on the side of the bed and removing the tag. Instead, use a protective mattress cover, rotate the mattress frequently, and only use mild soap and water to clean off any stains. By using a little manpower and purchasing only a few extra supplies, you can ensure that your mattress will stay comfortable for a long time. And when you’re done, be sure to recycle the mattress so that the environment is taken care of, too.

Ted Wilson started working in the orthopedic industry in 1982 in Portland, OR and was involved in several health-related initiatives nationwide until 1998, when after a car accident, Ted started to suffer from chronic back pain and focused his attention on people suffering from the same conditions. Among other things, Ted and his team run a successful website,, independently reviewing beds and mattresses for the public.

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