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I partnered with Tales Untold in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

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When I was younger, I remember my favorite part of the library was checking out stories on cassette tapes. I loved laying on the floor listening to the different stories. Today they don’t have cassettes anymore but they do still have stories read aloud that can be downloaded. As a mom of three though I don’t always have time to screen what my kids are doing and listening to on their tablets before they click on it, so I do look for companies that do the work for me.

Tales Untold Media is a company that created a collection of original, episodic children’s audio stories for kids with their Tales Untold iTunes App. Basically they are podcasts for kids. The stories are ad-free and safe for kids around 3-7 years old.

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There are no videos to go along with the stories, which honestly is refreshing. My kids get enough time staring at their tablets that its nice for them to put on a Tales Untold story and just listen. I found my kids don’t mind at all that there is no video to go along with the story. They will turn on a story while we are in the car or while they are just playing. My 4 year old loves it for quiet time, which is basically nap time but she of course “is not tired.”

Tales Untold gives users episode 1 of every tale for free, there is a great collection of tales to choose from that my kids are still enjoying the free episodes. The whole season though is only $2.99 so its not like its going to break the bank if your child does enjoy them. I love that you get episode 1 free from each tale because it gives kids a good sample of each one so they know which tales they enjoy. I cannot tell you how many apps we paid for and then my kids didn’t even like it. I don’t really see a kid not enjoying Tales Untold though as there really is a tale for every child – all of course kid-appropriate. Oh and the controls on the app are super easy for kids to understand just in case they need to pause for a bathroom break or want to choose a new tale.

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Here are some overall features of Tales Untold:

  • No ads!
  • New tales and new seasons added regularly.
  • Children’s stories that parents will actually want to hear.
  • App comes loaded with the first episode of every tale for free.
  • Enable Offline Listening in the Parent Zone, to save on your data plan or enjoy offline.

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  • Simple interface to get kids to the audio as quickly as possible.
  • Simplified audio player controls for young children.
  • Episodes start wherever you left off, so your family can jump right back in as quickly as possible.
  • Additional episodes are available for purchase within the Parent Zone.
  • Free coloring books available at talesuntold.com – perfect for coloring while listening to the tales!

If you are looking for a simple story collection for kids that is read aloud for them, this is the app to check out. No pop-up ads (even with the free episodes) and nothing inappropriate period. The stories are exciting, intriguing and I warn you your kids will want the next episode to listen to as they do continue on. I can’t believe I never heard of an app like this before but am glad there finally is. It really is refreshing too for my kids to be able to enjoy listening to stories while actually playing with their toys, instead of a television on in the background which they end up watching the whole time or a video that they are staring at on a screen. Oh and there are adorable songs played too that are quite catchy!

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CHECK OUT: Download the Tales Untold App on the App Store.


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  1. So glad you like our app! More tales coming soon.

    Don’t forget to print out our free coloring book, too. You can find it on our website:

    And, of course, we’re on Facebook:

    Happy listening!

  2. Michelle S says:

    My kids are too big for this but I’m going to share this with my sister for my niece. I think she’s the perfect age and would love it.

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