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When I was younger I carried my Nintendo Game Boy everywhere, it was my most cherished item. I have been waiting for my kids to be old enough to really appreciate one and want one and that day has finally come. I admit with tablets kids seem to play less and less on other devices, but Nintendo has definitely come a long way from the original Game Boy.

The Nintendo 3DS XL combines next-generation portable gaming with 3D effects.  It brings a whole new world of gaming to a new generation and some new fun for us old gamers.

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Features of the Nintendo 3DS XL:

  • Take 3D photos
  • Connect to friends and other players for multi-player gaming
  • Wireless access
  • 90% larger screen than the previous 3DS
  • Two screens – bottom used with a stylus and the top displays 3D visuals
  • You can control the 3D effect by scaling it back or pumping it up to highest level – this is great because younger kids should not be using 3D. It also uses Face Tracking which automatically adjusts the 3D ‘sweet spot’ based on the location of the user’s face.
  • C Stick for enhanced controls in certain games
  • Built-in amiibo compatibility & NFC support – just tap your amiibo on the touch screen.
  • Faster processing power than Nintendo 3DS which means faster loading of applications and downloading.
  • Folds up for easy transporting – it actually is not too much bigger than my smartphone!

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  • Amazing graphics whether you use it 3D viewing or not

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  • Great battery life – although it doesn’t come with a charger so you will need to pick up a Nintendo 3DS/3DS XL/2DS AC Adapter (it uses the same adapter as other Nintendo DS’s if you already own one.)

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  • Nintendo store to shop apps

nintendo ds 20

  • Stylus included and stores inside
  • YouTube – yes it has YouTube!

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So I hadn’t played a Nintendo 3DS before I received this one and I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. The whole 3D part without glasses just sounded strange to me but it actually works and yes you can turn it down to be a regular screen. It is pretty crazy to see and it did take me awhile to get used to but once I was used to it I was good to go. I usually keep it off (down) and the games are just fine. The graphics have definitely come a long way from the Classic GameBoy, they are pretty amazing.

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As far as games go, you actually get a few right on the 3DS to play such as Face Raiders , Mii Maker, AR Games Nintendo and Mii Plaza. My 4 year old and I had a blast with the Face Raiders game. I was amazed at how fast she grasped to work the controls and she thought it was hysterical.

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Since you only get the few games, you will definitely want to pick up a few more games for your child (or you to play.)  I was worried my kids wouldn’t like the DS now they have played with a tablet but they were actually fighting over it. I think for them they like the games (characters) available and its not the same ole’ same ole’ tablet apps. The DS has traveled with us in the car, in restaurants and in blanket forts. We have a good selection of games now and my kids have no problem playing any of them.

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Check out the Nintendo 3DS XL on Amazon or wherever electronics are sold.

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  1. Colleen Maul says:

    These are to coolest little games ever. Me and my son would play mario for hours taking turns and watching each other try to get to the next level. Oh i love these games and I love how they bring me and my son closer have something in common.

  2. Lana simanovicki says:

    I want one of these for looks easy

  3. Very interesting having 3D! This is such a huge change from the old style handhelds I’ve used. I’d love to try out the 3D in person.

  4. Michael Howell says:

    It’s a fun little system for sure

  5. ERICA WEAVER says:

    i love this great for small hands i cant wait to get one for my kids when they get alittle older..its amazing the tech now a days

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