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My family received complimentary stay and discount in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

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My boys have been LEGO fans since they were old enough to not put toys in their mouths! They build pretty much every day. We have been to LEGO fests in the area and LEGO stores. We are also fortunate here to have a LEGOLAND Discovery Center, which is basically a big LEGO activity center with lots of hands-on activities.

While we have been to Florida numerous times with our kids, we never made the trek over to LEGOLAND® Florida. It is a theme park about a 45 minute drive from Orlando, so yes you do need a car to get there. There is a daily shuttle service from the Orlando area as well that will take you there but I had no clue until writing this that they offered that. I think I was holding out too until there was a LEGOLAND® Resort that we could stay at, which now there is.

With my boys being 7 and 9 years old, I figured it was time to take them before they get too old! I am so glad we added LEGOLAND® Florida into our itinerary this year. We not only headed to the parks for two days but we also stayed at the LEGOLAND® Resort Hotel next door!

LEGOLAND® Florida is a 150-acre interactive theme park built for ages 2 to 12 years old. They feature more than 50 rides, shows and attractions as well as the LEGOLAND Water Park.

So how did my family enjoy the LEGOLAND® Florida Theme Park?

We loved it! Picture your favorite theme park but with LEGOs everywhere and a rides designed to look like they are built with LEGOs – that is this theme park! From exhibits to rides to shows, everything was all about LEGOs there, my boys were basically in their glory. Now the hours at LEGOLAND® change and they don’t say open too late but luckily the park can easily be tackled in one day if you push it. I will say though if you want to visit the LEGOLAND® Water Park which is inside LEGOLAND® then you definitely need more than one day. We actually did two days at LEGOLAND® and while we could have done it in one day it was nice not to rush and to be able to revisit favorite rides.

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As far as rides go, LEGOLAND® has a lot to offer. We found rides specifically for little ones, for all three of kids to enjoy and ones geared towards bigger kids. Having kids ages 4 to 9, it is always nice when I can make them all happy! I was worried my daughter wouldn’t like it as much as my boys but boy was I wrong.

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Some more awesome features of LEGOLAND® are:

If you stay at the LEGOLAND® Hotel you get early entry into the park.

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You are allowed to bring in small coolers with snacks and beverages (check the guidelines for more specifics.)

Parent Swap is offered for parents with kids who are not tall enough.

There are Tot Spots by bigger rides and throughout the park which are air conditioned buildings for parents to unwind while small children play.

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There are toy play areas so kids don’t have to wait in line with mom and dad but can instead play in a designated area. This is such a great idea, I can’t believe more theme parks don’t do this!

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There are so many amazing LEGO creations throughout the park to explore, including Miniland:

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Overall, I highly recommend a trip to LEGOLAND® if you can. We ended up just renting a car from the Disney Car Care, as we stayed on Disney property for a few days for my work, and it was a very easy drive down to Winter Haven, Florida. I think my boys were perfect ages to experience everything and appreciate all LEGO creations. My 4 year old daughter loved how she could go on most of the rides and the ones she couldn’t there were play areas for her while she waited for her brothers. I definitely want to take my kids back, especially since we missed out on the Water Park not being open yet for the season. I would say 12 years old is a good maximum limit for rides but even as a parent I enjoyed all the rides I could go on with my kids!

Check out LEGOLAND® Florida and start planning your trip!

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  1. Priscilla P. says:

    This sounds like a lot of fun. I have thought about taking my Grandsons.

  2. A fun trip for all Lego lovers.

  3. Debbie Welchert says:

    My grandsons are playing with their Legos right now on my living room floor. They would just love it if they could go to Legoland. From your pictures, it looks like it is definitely worth going to. Now I just wish I lived close.

  4. Marti Tabora says:

    This is definitely a trip that I would like to take my grandson on in a few years and I know my son will want to take him there as well.

  5. Julie Wood says:

    This trip looks like so much fun and my kids would love to go to Legoland in Florida. The rides and all the fun things to do would be a blast!