KNeoWorld: A Game App That’s Fun + Educational Plus You Can Fundraise With it!

I partnered with this app in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

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While there are so many apps out there for Android and Apple devices, it can be overwhelming to find the right ones. I mean sure there are many fun, popular ones but what about ones that are educational and fun? I know as a mom of three, I want my kids to play games that are safe, fun and teach them a little something. We have tried quite a few full, blown educational apps but my kids whine that they are too much like homework.

Well KNeoWorld is an app I was just introduced to that combines an epic futuristic adventure story with engaging games. Players go through the story of kids from space who are coming to explore Earth way in the future. In order to arrive and settle on Earth, players have to help the KNeoExplorers with various challenges. The challenges start out easy and get harder. The best part though is kids will be actually using their brains while they play! From memory to problem solving, players have to complete the challenges in order to move on. Once the game is completed, it is stored in a personal Arcade bank so it can be played over and over again.

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KNeoWorld is broken down into 24 episodes with a total of over 120 games. It is designed for kids ages 6-12 which is pretty on target with the challenges. I actually completed Episode 1 in maybe 15 minutes but now I can play the mini games whenever. I was really surprised with how the app snuck in reading, math, logic and critical thinking all while keeping the game fun. The characters, or KNeoExplorers, are ones that kids can relate to and the graphics are pretty awesome.

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Studies have show that game-based learning provides better motivation and encouragement as opposed to only learning in the classroom. It gives kids the chance to sharpen their skills in a judgement-free zone as well.

You can have up to three separate players on KNeoWorld, so if you have three kids then each kid can have their own player. That is a nice feature as too often one of my kids will fly through an app and then the next kid doesn’t get the full experience. The game has been a huge hit in Australia and Europe and has finally made its way here. It is even being used as an additional educational resource in a number of New York City public schools.

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On the topic of schools, KNeoWorld is also a fundraising tool! For every app or membership purchased, 50% of net proceeds is donated back to schools and youth organizations! All the school or organization has to do is to promote their fundraiser to the community using the personalized marketing kit (that we provide) and that’s it – fundraising done! Learn more here.

CHECK IT OUT: The first 2 episodes of KNeoWorld are free and then it is just $2.99 to unlock two more. After that, it’s just $4.99 to unlock additional four-episode mission packs with over 20 games.

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