Our Road Trip to {Door County, Wisconsin} #RoadTripChip

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My family loves to travel both by air and by car. Sometimes we just drive for an overnight somewhere locally just for a staycation. Recently my family drove about four hours north to Door County, Wisconsin and it was the perfect road trip destination.

After hearing so much about how cute of town Door County was I couldn’t wait to check it out. The drive from our Chicago suburb was super easy and luckily we had some great snacks to get us through the ride. I had a bag full of Cape Cod Chips and a flavor to satisfy each of my family members cravings.

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So what did we do when we arrived in Door County?

Our first stop was the Door County Visitor Center. I always love Visitor Centers as they are so helpful in planning activities and giving recommendations. I had a great associate help me and tell me all about Door County that I felt prepared for our trip.

We ended up arriving in Door County later than I had planned so we made the most of the time we had there. Peninsula State Park was pretty much where we spent the whole day. It is about a 30 minute drive from the Visitor’s Center but well worth it.

Here are some other suggestions I was given by the Door County Visitors Center, just keep in mind like I did over what time the businesses close:

Now I will say first off if you plan to hit a shop or winery in Door County, do it right when you pass it. I saw so many cute shops that I wanted to check out but they all closed before I was able to go after our State Park fun. So lesson learned to check out closing times and keep them in mind!

Why did we choose Peninsula State Park?

It is an over 3,000 acre park with activities to cover whatever your interests are. My family was split with what we wanted to do and this state park was able to make all of us happy.

First stop was the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse. We have never seen a lighthouse before and it was so cool to be up close. We missed the tour but just being up close to it and reading about the history was so cool.

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My 8 year old pointed out that the lighthouse looked like the one on our Cape Cod Chips, so of course I had to take a picture!

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Next we hiked along some of the trails. My boys love exploring forests and even my daughter got into the hike!

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To cool off after our hike, we were able to cool off at the beach. The beach was clean and offered rentals which my boys were over the moon about.

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We were able to rent a water bike and my boys took turns riding it all over the bay. They are still talking about it with their friends at home over how cool it was!

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After hours at the beach, I had to drag my kids away to grab dinner. We ended up at Mill Supper Club. I had planned to hit the ice cream place, Not Licked Yet, near the State Park but we ended up with a wrong turn and drove the other way. Mill Supper Club seemed like a perfect local dinner spot and we had a great meal there. The food was good and prices were as expected.

While Door County was a drive for us, it really is a cute little spot to visit. It’s a different place than what were used to and you feel like you are in a little beach town on an island. One street we drove down was literally on the beach and people were walking around and just enjoying the weather and crossing over to the beach. It felt very down to earth and easygoing, nothing like the hustle and bustle of the city (or even suburbs of Chicago.) I think I’d rather go back next time with just my husband to enjoy the breweries and wineries in the area and just walk around the town!

Looking for more ideas? Check out DoorCounty.com. Don’t forget Cape Cod Chips to get you through the road trip!

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  1. Lily Kwan says:

    I love potato chips!

  2. I like cheese sticks and nuts, yummy and filling : )

  3. My favorite road trip snack is Chex mix

  4. Buddy Garrett says:

    Almonds are my favorite road trip treats.

  5. Amy Deeter says:

    My favorite road trip snack is salt and vinegar potato chips

  6. I like snacking on pistachios nuts or pretzels.

  7. we really like to snack on grapes and apples

  8. Jillian Too says:

    I love snacking on green grapes when I’m on a road trip.

  9. Dorothy Hubbard says:

    My favorite road trip snack is beef jerky.

  10. Brandon Sparks says:

    Potato chips and snack cakes for sure…

  11. Kathy Pease says:

    My favorite snack is peanuts

  12. I like peanuts

  13. I like bringing along beef jerky. Tastes good and doesn’t make a huge mess in the car

  14. the kids love trail mix with peanuts, m&m’s and raisins

  15. Leave a blog post comment on your favorite road trip snack!

    Jack Daniels and Cape Cod chips, but only if I am driving.

  16. Renee Walters says:

    My favorite road trip snack is definitely chips!

  17. My favorite road trip snack is licorice.

  18. joretta foster says:

    we take chips and cookies

  19. When on a road trip, big or small, I always tend to go for a small fruit salad or anything fresh (apples, bananas, etc). I also quite enjoy salted almonds or, of course, salt and vinegar chips! Thank you for this great opportunity!

  20. I love eating Combos on road trips

  21. Laura Collins says:

    I like chips

  22. Tara darity says:

    My favorite road trip snack is definitely chips!!

  23. We like pretzels on a road trip
    Thank you!

  24. We like granola bars.

  25. Denise B. says:

    I like nacho cheese Doritos.

  26. katie brown says:

    Gummies are our fave!

  27. paige chandler says:

    I like Fritos on a road trip

  28. Shanta Spradlin says:

    My favorite rode trip snack is candy

  29. My favorite travel snack is fruit leather.

  30. My favorite road trip snack is fried chicken, grapes and potato chips!

  31. Stephanie Larison says:

    My fave road trip snack is Chex Mix.

  32. I like to have Doritos on a roadtrip.

  33. Cynthia Mercado says:

    My favorite road trip snack are chips and doritos!

  34. John Eng says:

    My fave roadtrip snack is sour cream & onion chips!

  35. Theron Willis says:

    My favorite road trip snack is beef jerky.

    Hope to win!

  36. Debbi Wellenstein says:

    I like pretzels, potato chips, and popcorn.

  37. Margaret Smith says:

    I like trail mix or twizzlers

  38. Christina Sparks says:

    I like beef jerky it easy to take and eat on a road trip.

  39. Tari Lawson says:

    My favorite road trip snack is dried mango.

  40. Ann Fantom says:

    I like to snack on grapes during road trips because they are cold and juicy

  41. Cynthia C says:

    I like almonds or peanuts for road trips.

  42. Kayte CookWatts says:

    I am pretty easy, just something delish that doesn’t stink up the car. Nuts, chips, cheese sticks.

  43. I like eating peanuts on the road!

  44. Kirsten Perez says:

    Spicy trail mix is a good one with those sweet candied nuts in it.

  45. Seyma Shabbir says:

    My favorite road trip snack is Kind bars or Belgian Boys snacks!

  46. We love snacking on fruit and beef jerky on road trips.

  47. Our favorite road trip snacks are cookies and chips!

  48. For a road trip, my snacks have to be bite-sized to avoid crumbs and mess, So I usually go for nuts or cheese crackers. Sorry, potato chips–I love you, but I get as many of you on me than in me when I try to eat you in the car.

  49. It would have to be potato chips or peanut butter cookies. I also like those orange peanut butter & crackers.

  50. Allison Swain says:

    Bananas, apples, and grapes!

    Thanks for the chance to win

  51. Jen Rodrigues says:

    My favorite road trip snack is granola bars with chocolate chips. So yummy and healthy.

  52. Julie Bickham says:

    My favorite road trip snacks is chex mix and peanut m&ms!

  53. As the driver, I have to have something easy that can be eaten without looking like Combos or peanut butter M&M’s.

  54. My favorite road trip snack is granola and trail mix. We have a really long road trip coming up in just over a month, I’ll be driving 17+ hours straight thru to Florida to board a cruise ship.

  55. I love grapes and whet thins on a road trip!

  56. Heather! says:

    I like pretzels and Krispy Kreme cruellers. It’s the only time I allow myself to have my favorite donuts. 🙂

  57. We like to take chips, pretzels, & cheese popcorn on our road trips.

  58. Annmarie W. says:

    I grew up in Massachusetts, so Cape Cod potato chips have always been one of my favorites! We always eat them with lunches & at picnics & parties! But for road-tripping, I have to admit that I love Goldfish!

  59. We always love cheesy trail mix on our road trips.

  60. Fried chicken.

  61. Laura Collins says:

    I like to eat grapes

  62. Natalie says:

    My favorite road trip snack is crackers and fruit.

  63. These look good. I like to bring frozen fruit and cheese whips.

  64. LeAnn Harbert says:

    I like almonds and fruit.

  65. Maryann D. says:

    I think protein bars or energy nut bars are great and convenient to take on a trip.

  66. Chips are a great road trip snack along with a sandwich from home.

  67. Judy Schechter says:

    I like pop and pretzels.

  68. Judy Schechter says:

    I like to have pop and pretzels on a road trip. Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  69. Laurie Nykaza says:

    I like to have chips or popcorn on a road trip

  70. sheila ressel says:

    Carrot sticks and apple slices always work on a road trip.

  71. My favorite road trip snack is raw cashews!

  72. Debbie Welchert says:

    My favorite road trip snack are sour cream and onion potato chips.

  73. I like to take cheese or peanut butter crackers and Mott’s® Snack & Go Natural Applesauce Pouches.

  74. Dana Rodriguez says:

    Chips and trail mix. That looks like it was a fun trip!

  75. We like chips, cheese popcorn, pretzel rods, Cheez-it’s, fruit snacks & fruit roll ups, & either cookies or donut holes. We really stock up!! Happy kids are well fed/snacked kids!! ?

  76. Dandi D says:

    My family’s favorite snack on the road is muffins!

  77. My favorite road trip snack would be chips

  78. Marti Tabora says:

    Chips and pretzels are always a favorite road trip snack for me. You can’t go wrong with a bag of chips.

  79. Patricia Mingozzi says:

    I like pretzels.

  80. Jennifer Rogers says:

    My favorite Road trip snack is friut and pretzels!

  81. I like to eat popcorn on the road.

  82. Jeanne Coulombe says:

    our favorite road trip snack is potato chips I must say it’s the crunch that I love lol

  83. Kathryn Mackey says:

    I love grapes and nuts on our road trip

  84. Deb Charte says:

    We like Dunkins Coolata’s , chips, and pretzel rods

  85. Christina Foley says:

    I always make homemade jerky – hubby and the kids love that on road trips, I also cut up fruit… but we love stopping at gas stations and checking out their snacks to see what we find that we can’t get at home! We flew once and my kids hated traveling that way, they prefer to go on road trips lol.

  86. Jan Lee says:

    My favorite road trip snack is M&M’s 🙂

  87. Shelley P says:

    My favorite road trip snack is mixed nuts.

  88. laura feist says:


  89. My favorite road trip snack is homemade trail mix with m&ms.

  90. My favorite road trip snack is any fun snack we find along the way – something we don’t usually eat at home.

  91. Cheryl B says:

    I love to take almonds and grapes on road trips.

  92. vickie couturier says:

    I like to make trail mix and we take chips and fruit gummies

  93. shelly peterson says:

    I like crackers, beef jerky or cheese sticks as a snack.

  94. I like getting coconut candy from the gas station. The only time I ever buy it is when I am on a road trip.

  95. Julie Lundstrom says:

    I like to eat chips and cheetos on the road.

  96. My favorite trip snack is homemade gorp. It changes each time as to what’s in it . This last time it was Smart Foods white cheddar popcorn, generic honey roasted cashews and pretzels.

  97. Elizabeth says:

    My favorite road trip snack is either popcorn or chips. It can get a bit messy, but we deal with that later 🙂

  98. cheryl s says:

    we usually bring a bag of Doritos or Fritos

  99. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I love to get beef jerky for my road trip snack!

  100. TallulahJane says:

    I like to eat chips because I can eat and drive easily.

  101. My favorite road trip snack is jerky.

  102. Lori A. says:

    I like cheese sticks as a road trip snack.

  103. Lana simanovicki says:

    I like trail mix

  104. Sarah Hall says:

    I like carrot sticks as they are not messy or crumbly.