Partying Like a VIP at Chuck E. Cheese’s

I partnered with Chuck E. Cheese’s in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

For my 9 year old’s birthday we celebrated at Chuck E. Cheese’s and it was such a hit that there was no question my other two kids were celebrating their birthdays there. I will say I have never seen my kids so happy then when they had their birthdays at Chuck E. Cheese’s. No joke! We have had so many kid parties throughout the years for all three of my kids but Chuck E. Cheese’s really does go above and beyond.

chuck e cheeses 3

I will say what made the biggest difference I think was that we hosted a VIP Birthday party. A VIP Party means you get the whole Chuck E. Cheese’s to yourself! No other parties or people other than who you invite.

chuck e cheeses vip

So What’s the Catch?

They only host two of these parties each weekend – 8 AM Saturday or 9 AM Sunday. Yes it is early but it is well worth it! Not having to worry about leaving my bags and tickets on our table, not having to worry about not knowing where a child is and honestly it not being crowded with strangers is amazing. I don’t worry about my older kids as much as I do about my 5 year old so it was nice to have peace of mind for those two hours of private party time that she was surrounded only by friends and family (and Chuck E. Cheese’s workers of course.) Honestly too us adults were able to enjoy some games where normally I am just following my kids around!

You need to invite a minimum of 10 kids and it has to be a Mega Star party. Yes the Mega Super Star party is the most expensive ($23.99 compared to $13.99 or $18.99 for the other packages) but it is well worth it if you can make it work.

I love that all I had to do was take a few minutes to schedule the party online and send out invites. Chuck E. Cheese’s did all the work thereafter – from calling to confirm the party specifics to hosting the party.

Celebrate 2 Birthdays!

I was able to add an additional Birthday child for a small cost which was perfect since my two youngest children are less than a month apart from each other. I had both of their friends there and both got to be the Birthday Child!

So what did we think? Since pictures are worth a thousand words, here are some of ours:

chuck e cheeses 1

Awesome goodie bags you can add-on!

chuck e cheeses 2
chuck e cheeses 4

chuck e cheeses 5

chuck e cheeses 6

chuck e cheeses 7

chuck e cheeses 8

chuck e cheeses 9

chuck e cheeses 10

chuck e cheeses 11

chuck e cheeses 12

chuck e cheeses 13

chuck e cheeses 14

chuck e cheeses 15

chuck e cheeses 16

chuck e cheeses 17

chuck e cheeses 18

chuck e cheeses 19

chuck e cheeses 20

chuck e cheeses 21

chuck e cheeses 22

chuck e cheeses 23

chuck e cheeses 24

chuck e cheeses 25

chuck e cheeses 26

Can’t do the early times? I have no doubt that Chuck E. Cheese’s puts on a fabulous party anytime of day. Every time we go to Chuck E. Cheese’s (which is pretty often) there are always parties going on and I have yet to see a sad face there. Chuck E. Cheese’s really does make you feel like a kid again and its hard to not smile when your there! From all the games only costing one token (compared to other places that charge various prices for games) to the great selection of games to the amazing pizza, Chuck E. Cheese’s is our family favorite. I had to add to their amazing pizza because if you haven’t tried it lately they have changed the recipe and it is truly delicious. I had so many parents rave about the pizza while we were there, they couldn’t believe it was Chuck E. Cheese’s pizza!

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We partied at the Chuck E. Cheese’s in Batavia, Illinois and I have to give them a shout out for being so awesome and helping to create some great memories for us!

Chuck E. Cheese’s
511 N. Randall Rd.
Batavia, IL 60510

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    Wow that looks like so much fun

  2. vickie couturier says:

    that looks like so much fun,,havent been in years

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