2016 Kia Sedona SXL Review @DriveShopUSA @Kia #KiaSedona

I received this car for one week to review in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

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I used to think of Kia as a company that made small cars but last year I got the chance to check out the 2015 Kia Sedona minivan and it really surprised me. A few weeks ago I got the chance to check out the 2016 Kia Sedona minivan and again I was surprised! It has the features I expect from Kia all packed in a minivan. The ride was smooth and it fit my family of five perfectly. It actually seats up to seven people.

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Some features of the Kia Sedona:

Lots of airbags throughout the car

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) – This is perfect to give a heads up over leaky or flat tires

Smart touchscreen

kia sedona 2016 21

kia sedona 2016 19

kia sedona 2016 20

Lots of viewing options for your dashboard

kia sedona 2016 3

kia sedona 2016 2

Lots of power everything – seriously everything is power activated

kia sedona 2016 22

kia sedona 2016 18

DVD Entertainment system – This is perfect for the middle row but honestly the rear row can’t really enjoy it. My poor daughter was in the back and had to stretch her head to try to see it. I have never seen one low before, usually up on the roof or the headrests.

kia sedona 2016 25

Keyless entry and Push button start

kia sedona 2016 8

kia sedona 2016 24

Blind Spot Detection, Lane Departure Warning System and Parking Assist System

kia sedona 2016 7

Lots of storage throughout car

kia sedona 2016 10

kia sedona 2016 23

Foot rests – my kids seriously loved these!

kia sedona 2016 13

kia sedona 2016 14

kia sedona 2016 12

Good mileage – 18 mpg city and 25 highway mpg

Flashlight – yes in the trunk there is a light that goes on that you can remove and use as a flashlight!

kia sedona 2016 1

Lots of ways to charge devices

kia sedona 2016 17

kia sedona 2016 9

Airflow for the back – I found these vents under the front seats

kia sedona 2016 26

Overall, we enjoyed the Kia Sedona and its features. It is fitted with enough high-tech gadgets to satisfy a tech family as well as the safety features expected from Kia. The 2016 Sedona features intuitive systems like Electronic Stability Control and Cornering Brake Control. The body is made of over 50% high-strength steel and patented technologies to provide durability. It is basically a modern van for the modern family!

Check out the 2016 Kia Sedona with a manufacturer’s suggested cost of $39,900.

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  1. My first priority when I buy a vehicle is it’s safety features. I love that it’s body is made of 50% of high grade steel!! I have heard stories of some vehicles built of plastic, when getting in a collision, fold like a pancake!
    I love the foot rests! The seat looks like a recliner. Storage in a vehicle is a must and so are a lot of ways to charge option! I don’t know anyone that doesn’t have a device nowadays! About the DVD player, I thought they were always hanging from the roof of the van too. My grandkids usually watch shows/movies from their devices.
    I particularly like the vents! It drives me nuts to have kids keep screaming that they are hot or cold! This vehicle sounds like a winner for the whole family! This review has changed my opinion about the KIA!!

  2. This looks very spacious. I’m starting to like the Kia brand more and more!

  3. I tried driving a Kia minivan, and I was quite impressed. It’s definitely in the running for our minivan search.

  4. Jessica Cox says:

    I love how this Kia Sedona is a van but looks more like a SUV. Having the TV build in is an really great feature especially with 4 kids .We had a DVD player but the cords no longer work. The touch screen is so awesome looking.

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