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I received the products below to review in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

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Every month I get some great books from Parragon books that my family gets to enjoy. The latest books I received were hits as expected.

Who is Parragon Books?

Parragon is one of the largest illustrated non-fiction publishers in the world. From great selections of Disney, Barbie, Monster High, Ever After High, Discovery Kids, Dora, TMNT, Sponge Bob to in-house favorites including Little Learners, Pinkabella, Dino Supersaurus, Glitterbelle, Life Canvas, Love Food and more, we make books affordable and accessible to readers all around the globe.

So what books did I get?

2000 Stickers Animals

parragon 2000 Stickers Animals

$6.99 – paperback

Meet the super animals in this fun activity book! Children can get busy scribbling, puzzling, sticking, and sketching in a world full of crazy creatures. Then choose from 2000 stickers to complete each page!

This is a sticker activity book that has over 2000 stickers. Now the catch is the stickers are all very small, think finger nail size. It is still a cute book packed with activities for preschoolers and up. You would have to just read the page prompt to them and they’d be set. The prompt being to draw some flying pics, decorate snail shells and so forth. Lots of creativity can come out of this book. The cover is very catchy and bright, just maybe a little deceiving about the stickers because they are so small. My daughter didn’t mind and enjoyed putting the stickers throughout the book – the stickers don’t have to go in the book pages either as they are more of a bonus.

Disney Bambi: The Story of Bambi (Movie Collection Storybook)

parragon Disney Bambi

$11.58 – hardcover

Fall in love with Bambi, the young prince of the forest, as he learns valuable lessons about friendship, love, and the miracle of life. With beloved characters like Thumper the bunny, this deluxe storybook retelling of the classic animated film is a treasure to behold.

This is a picture book size hardcover book featuring the complete story of the movie Bambi. I like the size as sometimes storybooks are smaller and thereby harder to read. It is very long so something that will probably be a few nights’ reading but cute nonetheless. There is a paragraph on every other page, so its not overwhelming with words, and it is full of full-page (and more) colorful pictures right from the movie. Very adorable storybook and great for any Disney fan. It is a hardcover book that will stand up to to use. For non-readers the pictures alone can pretty much tell the story!

Factivity On-The-Go Animal Kingdom

parragon Factivity On-The-Go Animal Kingdom

$7.08 – paperback kit

Perfect gift for on-the-go fun whether your popping out for a family meal, about to embark on an epic car journey or jumping on a long haul flight!

This is a cute little kit for any child animal lover. You get three books, a sheet of stickers and four small colored pencils – great value for the price. The books are thin but still jam packed with activities including experiments, drawing, fill in the blanks and more. There is not much to color but more to read and learn – so probably better for a child who can read or you will read to. I am going to keep these in the car and take into restaurants for my 5 year old to look at. I like the sturdy box they come in and that it has a handle.

Zootopia Collector’s Tin

parragon Zootopia Collector's Tin

$8.35 – paperback kit

This “”””paw-fect”””” tin is a great gift for all Zootopia fans! Inside you’ll find the story of the film, a fun-filled activity book, and a cool coloring book. Plus, there are four colored markers, a double-sided poster and fifty stickers of your favorite characters. It’s going to be a wild ride!

This is a nice collector’s tin that is filled with Zootopia fun. You get two activity books, one coloring books, over 50 stickers, four markers and a double sided poster to color. It is perfect for any child who loves to color and if they love Zootopia, even better! It would be a perfect gift or something to reward a child. There is some reading in the activity books but there are easy activities as well.  I think even a younger child would enjoy this kit. I like that it can then all be stored back in the tin. Perfect for on-the-go fun since its contained.

Factivity Safari Animals: 4-In-1 Activity Pack

Factivity Safari Animals

$10.86 – paperback kit

READ! PLAY! COLOR! Inside this carry case, you’ll find an activity book, a 54-piece 24 x 16 in double-sided jigsaw puzzle to color, a double-sided 22 x 15 in poster to color, and a set of 4 double-sided colored pencils. First piece your jigsaw puzzle together, and then turn it over for some coloring fun using your colored pencils.

Parragon’s Factivity series books are pretty neat as they are educational but fun, which is not always the case. This set comes with book, a double sided poster to color, a 54-piece puzzle that you can color and four double sided colored pencils. So you basically get a box of fun with this. Kids can read about the different animals and complete activities, color and complete a puzzle. Everything can then be stored right back in the box for fun later and carried as it has a handle. This would make a great gift for a preschooler and up, the preschooler would just need some help with reading in the activity book. I like that it even comes with colored pencils (eight colors total) so you don’t need to search for those or of course your kids could use markers that you already own. Great set full of educational fun and will inspire creativity.

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  1. Savannah Forbes says:

    Definitely Bambi or Animal Kingdom =)

  2. holly lawson says:

    My kids would love the On The Go Animal Safari kit!

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    My daughter would LOVE the 2,000 Stickers Book!

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    My sons favorite would be the Safari Animals Set.


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  17. All the books sound interesting. Thank you for the reviews.

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    I would choose the Zootopia set.

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  24. My kids would like the safari animals the best.

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    My son would like the animal kingdom one the best.

  26. I like that these are fun and educational.

  27. Michelle S says:

    I think my daughter would like the Animal Kingdom. But it’s really a toss up because she’s an animal nut overall.

  28. Morrighan Crowe Anne Perry says:

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  30. vickie couturier says:

    the zootopia set

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    Animal kingdom

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  33. Kathy Calton says:

    My grandson loves Zootopia.He loves to color and draw with his mom

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