“Shimmer And Shine: Welcome To Zahramay Falls”

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Shimmer And Shine Welcome To Zahramay Falls

Shimmer And Shine: Welcome To Zahramay Falls

Released: August 16, 2016

Running Time: 88 minutes

Studio: Nickelodeon

Welcome to Zahramay Falls, the magical home of twin genies-in-training Shimmer and Shine! Shimmer and Shine: Welcome to Zahramay Falls takes fans on a journey with Shimmer, Shine, Leah and Zac, as they experience magical adventures in the genie world of Zahramay Falls. This three-episode DVD is the second release for the hit animated series and includes the season two premiere which features brand-new characters and an all-new vibrant look with CG animation. No matter what kinds of trouble comes their way, Shimmer, Shine and Leah show preschoolers that persistence and resilience always save the day.
Shimmer and Shine: Welcome to Zahramay Falls includes the following episodes:

Welcome to Zahramay Falls – Shimmer and Shine receive a special Green Burst Gem from Princess Samira and bring it into the human world. The evil sorceress Zeta uses magic to steal the gem, but her spell goes awry and pulls Leah and Zac into Zahramay Falls.

First Wish (Double Episode) – Leah wins a genie bottle pendant at a carnival and is surprised to find that her prize comes with a bonus – Shimmer and Shine.  Leah wishes for a polka-dotted elephant and things get complicated when Leah uses her remaining wishes to keep Zac from seeing the elephant. In the end, the girls create a new carnival attraction and learn that they can overcome any obstacle by working together.

Happy Wishaversary – It’s time for Shimmer, Shine and Leah to celebrate their Wishaversary! In honor of their Wishaversary, Shimmer and Shine make Leah the perfect gift-a bracelet with a magical touch. When Leah puts the bracelet on, she can float like a genie. However, when Zac shows up to play a video game with Leah, Rocket gets a hold of the bracelet and starts to float. Leah must play the video game with Zac, while also working with the genies to retrieve the magical bracelet before Zac sees Rocket floating away.

This is an adorable DVD featuring Shimmer and Shine in three magical episodes. These are episodes that have previously aired on television but perfect to be able to watch Shimmer and Shine whenever your child wants. We actually always seem to miss the show live so we had never seen these three episodes. My 5 year old daughter loves this show and I admit I don’t mind watching it either. The show is wholesome and so full of colors and fun characters. These episodes are all about the problems the girls solve, friendship and teamwork.

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Shimmer And Shine Welcome To Zahramay Falls

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  1. haven’t Shimmer and Shine yet

  2. Jill Myrick says:

    My daughter loves watching Shimmer and Shine.


  3. Leah Shumack says:

    Yes my daughter loves watching Shimmer & Shine!

  4. Amy Deeter says:

    My 6 year old loves watching Shimmer and Shine.She is a big fan

  5. Jerry Marquardt says:

    My niece watches Shimmer and Shine. I would like to thank you for featuring this fine DVD.

  6. Kathy Pease says:

    My granddaughter does not watch yet she is only 10 months old but I am sure she will when she gets a little older

  7. Michelle C says:

    This looks like such a cute movie! My friend’s daughter has specifically requested only Shimmer and Shine goodies for her upcoming birthday.

  8. My granddaughter loves Shimmer and Shine and would love to win this giveaway!

  9. wow-love to see the movie

  10. Shannon christensen says:

    We love love love shimmer and shine genies Devine!

  11. Adorable characters! My kids have never watched Shimmer and Shine before but I think they would love it 🙂

  12. Holly Thomas says:

    My kids have never seen this show but I know my daughter would love to watch it! Looks really cute.

  13. don’t know if my niece watches it, never heard of it

  14. She does watch the show

  15. Yes my daughters watch Shimmer and shine.

  16. Yes my daughters love to watch Shimmer and shine.

  17. megan tilley says:

    Yes, my daughter loves to watch shimmer and shine!

  18. I don’t know if the kids watch this or not. I’m going to tell my niece about this show so they can look for it and start watching it 🙂

  19. My little girl watches Shimmer and Shine and loves it.

  20. This looks like something my granddaughter would love, but I’m not sure if she’s ever seen it.

  21. Morrighan Crowe Anne Perry says:

    My child watches this program via nickjr.com.

  22. Shareena McKinzy says:

    My daufather loves this show. Would love to win this just for her.

  23. Katrina J. says:

    My daughter loves this show. She gets mad when the theme song gets stuck in my head and I sing it for hours.

  24. My nieces have seen Shimmer and Shine before! 🙂

  25. My daughter loves Shimmer and Shine and watches it quite a bit!

  26. Cynthia Mercado says:

    My granddaughter has not seen this but this looks like something she would love

  27. Jessica Cox says:

    My daughters love Shimmer and Shine and Leah we watch all the time.

  28. We have heard of this series. We have not watched any episodes yet.

  29. vickie couturier says:

    I dont think they have seen this one yet

  30. Renee Walters says:

    My daughter watches this all the time.

  31. My grandsons actually love Shimmer and Shine. They request to watch it daily! It has such catchy music, too!

  32. No. It is a beautiful and colorful DVD. Thanks for the giveaway.


  33. Nancy Burgess says:

    My grandaughter watches this all the time.

  34. My daughter does watch Shimmer and Shine! She LOVES that show!

  35. Yes my cousin loves shimmer and shine would bring a big smile to her if she had it she really loves the show.

  36. Yes my cousin loves Shimmer And Shine that’s why I would love to win Shimmer And Shine: Welcome To Zahramay Falls it would bring a big s!mile .