Start Bubbing Your Items in Chicago and Earn a Few Bucks #BubLendBorrow

I partnered with this brand in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.


Did you ever look around your house and wonder why you have so much stuff? Maybe you have some items that you might need in the future or rarely use but you’re just not ready to get rid of them.

Up until now there have been websites and apps where you can buy items from others but what about lending and borrowing items? Well Bub is the answer to that.

Bub is a free new local marketplace app for lending and borrowing items that has launched in the Chicago area. It allows users to list items they’d like to lend out or post a request for an item that is needed. Bub even takes care of the entire payment process so you don’t have to deal with handling cash over to a stranger! Afterwards the users can leave reviews to help others with future transactions.

Here is an example of an item near me I could borrow. This would be perfect if I was thinking of buying one and wanted to test it out for myself at home or if I just needed to make a lot of goodies!


Now you may be thinking what happens if someone borrows your items but doesn’t return it or they damage it? Well Bub is backed by Sears who protect lenders against late returns, loss and theft. Lenders also receive equipment rental insurance that protects qualifying items against accidental physical damage with coverage up to $5,000.

Bub is also partnered with Shop Your Way, which means not only are you connected to millions of owners and potential borrowers but you also have the opportunity to earn Shop Your Way points.


So what exactly can you lend?

Basically anything you have laying around your house! Some of the popular items are tools, lawn and garden equipment, electronics, event equipment, baby stuff and more! As long as it’s legal, reasonable and doesn’t violate the Bub Terms of Service, you can bub it! Some items you can’t are weapons, firearms, drug items and un-safe items.


How much does Bub cost?

It’s free! There are no subscription costs or listing fees! Users pay for what they borrow for the lenders, which the lenders sets the price. There is a 10% service fee to cover payment processing, which helps to ensure everything is safe and secure.

What did I Bub?

So last year I decided I was going to learn to sew and bought a sewing machine that was supposed to be easy to use. I looked at it when I got it but it got set aside in my closet and I haven’t touched it since. After browsing Bub it sparked me that my sewing machine could be perfect to loan out. Bub is allowing me to loan out my sewing machine so others can benefit from it or try it out, without me having to completely get rid of it.

Why shouldn’t I make a few extra bucks on stuff I have laying around my house!

Bub makes it so easy to list your items that I listed this sewing machine in about five minutes and that includes taking the pictures.






I honestly was so impressed with how fast I was able to list something that I am already looking around to see what I can list next. I haven’t received any offers yet but it’s not like I was making money having it sit around my office anyways. If someone does borrow it, that is money I didn’t have before and all it took me was a few minutes!


Right now Bub is focusing on Chicagoland but will hopefully be in other big markets by the end of the year. Who has money to keep buying things just to use once or twice? Even renting from big companies can be costly. Recently I had to rent scaffolding from a home improvement store by me and it was $41 for the day. There could have been a painter in my area with scaffolding just sitting in their garage that would have gladly loaned it out to me for that price or lower.

You really have nothing to loose with Bub, especially with the protection lenders receive.


What do you have laying around that you can list on Bub?

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  1. I am so happy that I read your review!! I am one of these people that can’t part with certain items whether I use it or not! My mindset is that I will need it one day. I like your thinking of whether you make money or not by borrowing it out, it is still just taking up space for free! Great & clever idea! Plus the backup & renter’s insurance gives me less worries about listing my things. I shared this on Facebook & Pinterest.

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