What to Look for in a Kid’s Lunch Box


If you are tired of your child returning from school with an uneaten sandwich or an untouched container of food, the problem may not be with the food you are packing. It may not make sense that your kid doesn’t eat the food that he or she asked for the night before or during breakfast. You may be concerned that your kid is filling up on junk food on the sly or has problems with his or her appetite.

Chances are your child is not asking for a specific sandwich he or she then doesn’t eat to be passive aggressive, but there may be a factor that isn’t related to the actual food. Perhaps it is time not to overthink the actual lunch menus but to consider the lunch boxes.

Why a Lunch Box Is Important

You may dream about a scrumptious BLT for lunch one evening only to feel uninspired by the results. If you take your BLT in a brown bag for lunch, the sandwich has had to survive a long commute in a hot subway, bus or car and three or four additional hours of work time before you actually get around to eating the BLT. Once you peel off the plastic wrap, you may be greeted with soggy bread, warm mayonnaise, wilted lettuce and smashed tomatoes. The only thing left worth eating the sandwich you dreamed up last night is the bacon.


If you would have packed your BLT in an insulated lunch box, you may have avoided the overly warm mayonnaise and the spoiled trimmings. Looking for the right kind of lunch box made of certain materials can allow you to enjoy sandwiches and salads that are as fresh and tasty as those you prepare at home. The secret to encouraging your kid to eat his or her packed lunch is to find the right lunch box to keep food items at a reasonable temperature and to maintain freshness.

Selecting a Lunch Box

When choosing a lunch box for your kid, pay attention to features and aesthetics. It is worth investing in a tote that is insulated to keep the food warm or cool and prevents the growth of bacteria. Look for protective features that prevent spilling and leaking. You can also find boxes that have extra storage space for different kinds of containers and features that allow you to clip the lunch box to your kid’s backpack.

If your child is not eating a lunch he or she specifically asks for, it is not likely your kid is playing an elaborate prank on you. Food tastes much different on the plate than in the plastic wrap, and it can be a challenge to keep packed lunches fresh and appealing. Talk to your child about why he or she is not eating lunch and have your kid help plan lunches and pick out his or her lunch box. Look for a box that has a bright design and is easy to carry. A lunch box should be insulated, prevent food spoilage and be easy to clean daily.

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    Thanks for the tips, my daughter will be getting a packed lunch this fall and I wondered how to find the best one (so many out there!) ps that sandwich looks amazing!

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    These are great tips. I definitely agree to talk to your child about why they don’t eat their lunch if that is an issue.

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  7. I always like to pack fruit as a choice of a snack. My son likes apple juice or milk and I add a bottle of water as well.

  8. Esperanza Gailliard says:

    I will usually always get the kids insulated lunch boxes. I find that they are much better at keeping things the right temp.

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    I also think it is important to think about how easily you can disinfect them. I think the cloth/soft ones are much harder to keep clean. I try to go for ones that are plastic or coated in a sort of plastic material.

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    Besides spill proof I find we need containers that are easy enough for the kids to open without spilling.

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    That BLT looks so delicious! Great tips. I look for extra storage space for different kinds of containers as well so I can keep food items separated especially for sandwiches so the bread doesn’t go soggy 🙂

  21. I liked my kids having their lunches in lunch boxes or a good thermal bag. I wanted to make sure, as best as I could, that their food wasn’t smashed, wet, the bread ripped, etc. I know lunch can be a highlight of a child’s day or could pickup the rest of their day. I have known kids to throw out their lunches and waste food. That is a BIG pet peeve of mine!!
    Good review!!

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  23. Your initial discussion of the BLT got my mouth watering, but then the warm mayonnaise… the tomatoes… it broke my heart.

    However! I will now not forget the importance of the lunchbox for my sons.

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  25. Great suggestions! kids can help shop for lunch items & help pack! Appreciate food safety– keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold!

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    Ugh. The leftovers in my daughter’s lunchbox each day is discouraging. I will definitely apply these tips!!

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    Food definitely tastes different after it’s been in a lunchbox for a few hours! One thing you can do if your child complains about soggy sandwiches is to use butter on the inside of the sandwich before putting things inside it.

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    Thanks for the tips. I agree kids like to carry a lunch box that is bright and is something they like.

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    There was a lot of great information here. Thanks so much! My grandson is the worse about not eating his lunch.

  33. My daughter isn’t in grade school anymore. She hated bringing lunch during middle school. She brings her own lunch in high school. She is picky so whenever I prepare her lunch, it’s always something I know she’ll eat.

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    This is the reason I bought my husband a insulated bag.

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    I try to be so very careful when packing lunches. I choose an insulated bag for the very reasons you cited. Would never want my babies to get sick over something I could prevent.

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  44. Thank you for the great tips the kids love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch the most.

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    My Granddaughter loves PB&J sandwiches with no crust or Bologna and Cheese with no crust. I always ask her what she would like for lunch.

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    I’ve been having some of these issues with my youngest. I’ve never thought about the type of lunchbox being an issue but makes perfect sense! My little man is picky too. Thanks for the tips, very helpful.

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