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I partnered with Woobo in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.


It is amazing how far technology has come since I was a child. We didn’t have computers or cell phones. Cassette tapes were popular and I remember having a talking bear that used cassette tapes. The bear read stories and I followed along with a book.

Now though there are plush animals that can do so much more than just read a story. Woobo is an educational talking robot that brings wonder to life. It is packed with engaging content and smart technology sure to keep any curious child busy! Over 100 parents even participated in Woobo’s design to include the features they felt were most important.


Features of Woobo:

  • Give kid-friendly answers to over 100,000+ questions. It encourages kids to ask questions through natural and realistic conversations.
  • Laughs at funny jokes
  • Says “Ouch!” when dropped
  • Dances when excited
  • Create imaginative stories with kids
  • Wakes kids up to funny alarms
  • Plays music when kids brush their teeth
  • Plays soft, relaxing songs to allow kids to fall asleep
  • Connects via wifi to its cloud database for real-time updates of its content library

What I think is really cool about Woobo is that parents can send voice messages to Woobo for kids to hear anywhere, anytime! By just logging onto the Woobo Mobile App, parents can send short audio messages to Woobo for kids to hear when they click Woobo’s hand. Kids can even record a message to send back, no cell phone needed!


Where can you get Woobo?

Woobo still has some finishing touches to be done on him but you can sign up for the Woobo mailing list to be the first to know when Woobo finishes his journey!

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  1. Michelle Bartley says:

    What a neat toy!

  2. Kerry Kollman says:

    I love robots for kids, especially interactive ones. The furbys were great, I had one for myself. I will be looking for the Woobo

  3. darlene somers says:

    Sounds great for kids.

  4. Michelle S says:

    This sounds really fun for kids! I love that it says, “ouch” when it’s dropped.

  5. Sounds like a fun toy for the kiddos. I like how fluffy he is. Too cute!

  6. This is such a cute idea! I love that he dances when excited!