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My boys have enjoyed K’NEX building sets ever since they could build. As they have grown, so has the complexity of the sets they enjoy. While they still love coming up with their own creations, they also love a challenge.

Well just in time for some building fun over Thanksgiving week, my 8 year old tackled the K’NEX Wild Whiplash Coaster Building Set.


The Wild Whiplash Coaster is a motorized rollercoaster that zooms a coaster car through 14 feet of twisting, turning track! Yes 14 foot – but no its not 14 feet long but rather wrapped around.








Does this K’NEX coaster actually work?

Yes! I highly recommend putting the batteries in the motor first thing but then your child is ready to start building! The minimum age is 9 years old, but my 8 year old tackled this set all on his own. He was so excited that he was able to build this set on his own and then be able to play with it! The set even taught him to learn from his mistakes as he started to rush and made a few mistakes.

I absolutely love how this K’NEX set got my son to put down his video games to build something and ever since he has built it he has gone back to it numerous times to play. My son said now he wants to come up with a creation on his own by incorporating other K’NEX pieces we own. I did read too that you can even print out another coaster design from the K’NEX website, which is great if your child wants to build something else but doesn’t know where to start as far as a new creation.

The K’NEX Whiplash Roller Coaster building set is a perfect set to give as a gift and its like two toys in one – building then playing with it! I would say too that its a great toy for multiple kids to work on together, especially with over 500 pieces!

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  1. Genneth Gayle says:

    That’s cool

  2. Jerry Marquardt says:

    My nephew would adore this fine crafty toy system. I love the way it looks, and I want to surprise him on that special day.

  3. Dana Matthews says:

    I’d love for my Joe Joe to have something like this. He has ADHD and his attention span is so short but it would be such a good challenge for him.