Drawing Circuits on Paper & More STEM fun with Circuit Scribe

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My 8 year old has always been a tinkerer. He can build something out of anything and I love watching his little mind work. He amazes me.

Now that he is getting older, I can see though he needs more of a challenge. When I heard of Circuit Scribe, it sounded perfect for my little engineer.

What is Circuit Scribe?

Circuit Scribe products allow you to draw your own circuits and watch them go! So I admit at first I did not get it. My husband though was super excited about the product line and said we had to have it.

Circuit Scribe wants kids to embrace STEM topics like electronics. With everything today being electric, it is definitely something worth understanding.

Circuit Scribe started with a remarkable pen that writes conductive silver ink to create a working circuits on piece of paper. The non-toxic silver ink makes creating circuits as easy as doodling and can be used on any paper that a typical rollerball pen can.


I got the chance to check out an Ultimate kit which comes with a whole bunch of connection cables, LEDs, DPDT switches, a motor and more! You also get a book and conductive ink pen as well.








When I first opened the kit, I was clueless where to start with my son. I knew I had to figure it out first before I showed him. The book though is very helpful and user-friendly. All you do basically is draw with the pen and then pop on the components. It is amazing to see how the ink from the pen actually makes them work. Seriously it is super cool and affordable. You can start with just a kit and from there add on accessories as your child’s electronic skills and interest advance.

Here are some of our CircuitScribe creations:




Do you have to be a geek to appreciate Circuit Scribe?

Nope! I am a clueless mom who is far from a tinkerer but I got hooked playing around with our Circuit Scribe kit. I still don’t get how the conductive pen works but that is fun of it! I could have went through the whole book of things to try out. The book not only has ideas to try out but also explanations and definitions – its basically a fun textbook but shhh your kids won’t realize it! I would say this kit would be for ages 8 and up, and by up even adults can appreciate it!




Here is a video from Electroninks that shows the Circuit Scribe in action:

From the kitchen table to the classroom desk, Circuit Scribe entices students to learn about circuit design and electronics in a simple and fun way – on paper.

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  1. If I first opened this kit, I too would have been overwhelmed! This kit looks like it is for adults. I am glad to hear of something that would challenge and keep a child’s mind stimulated while having fun. My grandson would like this! He gets bored easy, because he is so smart! This just might keep him busy for a while! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Bonnie Lee says:

    This is such an awesome concept!

  3. Yvonne Delgado says:

    I am always trying to get my kids to try STEM classes, So far there interests are elsewhere

  4. This should fun and exciting.

  5. Lana simanovicki says:

    This is amazing and it looks like lots offun