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There are some people that can fall asleep anywhere and anytime and then there are people like me who need a certain environment before we can really sleep. For me, I need a dark room and no sound otherwise I do not fully fall asleep.

Nightingale is a product that was designed to mask common indoor and outdoor noises to encourage better sleep every night. So all those noises that typically disrupt sleep are masked. It was designed by acoustic engineers to help create the most effective sleep system on the market.

No more annoying truck or traffic sounds. No conversations or babies crying to wake you up either. Oh what I would have done for a product like Nightingale when my kids were babies. While I wouldn’t have used Nightingale alone, there were times I was fortunate to have my husband or other family member watch my kids so I could sneak away for a few Zzzzs. I remember being so desperate for sleep but not being able to because I could still hear my babies crying or someone talking to them.


How does Nightingale work?

  • Nightingale used two units that deliver 360 degree of sound blanket coverage around you. The units can be placed anywhere in a room, even behind furniture. The units also contain a light so they can be used a nightlight as well!
  • Users choose from 15 soothing blankets of evenly distributed background sounds.
  • Users can also choose from five nature sounds to mask noise and promote relaxation.
  • Wherever you need peace and quiet, Nightingale will work whether its your bedroom or even office. Wherever you need help blocking out noises and have two outlets, Nightingale can be used.


  • Users can use automatic scheduling to program the Nightingale to turn on before bedtime and turn off before you wake up. It can even ramp up the sound blankets slowly over time.
  • It is the first smart sleep system that can connect to smart home devices such as Nest, Ring, Amazon, Alexa and Phillips Hue.
  • It includes pass through power outlets so you can still plug in your alarm clock, phone charger, and any other powered devices.


  • The Nightingale can be controlled via iOS and Android mobile apps, or a web browser from any  PC.



How does Nightingale differ from a white noise machine?

This was actually my first question.

Nightingale fills a room with ambient noise from two units that form a sound blanket:


While a white noise machine emits ambient noise from one location, which is easily noticed and does not cover the whole room.


The difference between Nightingale and white noise machines is similar to the difference between a robust stereo sound system and a clock radio.

A stereo sound system has a more immersive feel than a clock radio. Similarly, Nightingale immerses your room in ambient noise to reduce noise disturbances to help you sleep better.

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  1. OMG I so need this. This is amazing maybe no more sleep meds to fall asleep!!!

  2. This seems like a good and useful product.

  3. suzi moore says:

    the answer to my prayers at last, looks fab

  4. vickie couturier says:

    I would love to try this,,very interested ,i have so much trouble sleeping