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I received the products below to review in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

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Every month I get some great books from Parragon books that my family gets to enjoy. The latest books I received were hits as expected.

Who is Parragon Books?

Parragon is one of the largest illustrated non-fiction publishers in the world. From great selections of Disney, Barbie, Monster High, Ever After High, Discovery Kids, Dora, TMNT, Sponge Bob to in-house favorites including Little Learners, Pinkabella, Dino Supersaurus, Glitterbelle, Life Canvas, Love Food and more, we make books affordable and accessible to readers all around the globe.

So what books did I get?

Peppa Pig Smiles and Giggles


Join Peppa and all her friends on some fun-filled adventures. Count the ducks, spot the odd teddy bear out, and lots more! Then use your colorful crayons to have some playtime fun!

This is a coloring book with pages to color and complete activities. It is geared towards younger kids so nothing too hard. The book is on the thinner side but if you have a Peppa Pig fan than it is sure to be a hit. You get four crayons and a whole page of stickers. You can even store the crayons on the cover of the book, even though is a paperback, the cover is sturdy enough for the crayons. The pages are thinner than other books I’ve seen but they are more white than beige, so not old school.

Spooky Black Paper Coloring


Every page in this creepy coloring book … is black! Use the five awesome, bright-out crayons to get crazy creative with this innovative twist on coloring in, then add the 50 spooky stickers to decorate the pages.

This is a thinner paperback coloring book but its super cool because all the pages are black! You get five bright crayons to color the black pages and 50 spooky stickers. You can even store the crayons on the cover of the book which is neat. Very cute and very fun!

Disney Pixar Halloween Heroes


A 48-page coloring and activity book with one sheet of stickers and four chunky crayons. Join all your Disney Pixar friends on their amazing Halloween adventures. Have lots of fun with Woody, Boo, Arlo and Riley’s emotions, with these spook-tacular activities and stickers. Dont forget to use your crayons for some creepy coloring! Includes option to download a free disney digital storybook from the App store.

This is a thinner paperback coloring book packed with pictures of Pixar characters. It is actually broken down into sections for each of the four movies and tells a story on the pages. You get four crayons and a whole sheet of stickers.  The coloring pages are white, not old school beige. You even get a free Disney digital storybook from Disney Story Central App with this book, just redeem the code on the app store – so its like two books in one!

Disney Princess Princesses and Pumpkins


A 48-page coloring and activity book with one sheet of stickers and four chunky crayons. Join the Disney Princesses for some spooky adventures. Complete the activities and use your crayons to add color to the pictures. color in a magical pumpkin, help a spider find its web, count the lollipops, and much more!

This is a thinner paperback coloring book packed with Disney princesses and Halloween fun. You get four crayons that can be stored on the cover of the book and a whole sheet of stickers. The coloring pages are white, not old school beige. You even get a free Disney digital storybook from Disney Story Central App with this book, just redeem the code on the app store – so its like two books in one!

The World of Eric Carle Press Out and Play


Press out the card pieces and slot them together to make your favorite animals from the Eric Carle stories. Read the fun pages and practice growling like Brown Bear, crawling like The Very Hungry Caterpillar, stomping like an elephant, and lots more! No scissors or glue required.

This is a paperback book featuring Eric Carle animals. You color and then assemble seven animal models. This would definitely require an adults help to assemble nicely but kids can get the fun of coloring the animals. Perfect companion to the book. The animals are just cardboard so they are not going to last in rough play but for gentle and display, they are perfect. Cute activity. No scissors are required but I would keep tape nearby for extra durability on the animals.  I like though that you get six crayons to use so its a complete activity.

Heroes for My Daughter


#1 New York Times bestselling author Brad Meltzer brings together a remarkable group of heroes with one thing in common: they were ordinary people who became extraordinary.

Brad was inspired by the birth of his daughter to curate this collection, but you don’t need to be a parent to treasure it—Heroes for My Daughter is perfect for children, parents, teachers, and anyone looking for inspiration. The sixty featured figures represent the spectacular potential we all have within us to change the world. The format allows for reading straight through or at your own pace, and includes photos, quotes, brief biographies, and vignettes that highlight the single moment that made each person great. The wonderfully diverse heroes included in the book are women, men, historical, contemporary, athletes, actors, inventors, politicians, and so many more. Heroes for My Daughter is a book to be read again and again, as the simple question of what makes a hero remains a vital part of today’s conversation.

This is a great hardcover book all about ordinary people who achieved wonderful things. From the first female prime minister to a successful female comedian. There is basically a “hero” in every job profession! I thought this book would be all about women since its heroes for my daughter, but there are males in the book as well. I think I would have preferred a book of all females to give my daughter someone to look up to and help with the stigma that there are “boy” jobs and “girl” jobs. Each hero has a picture and few sentence to explain their heroism. It is not long stories but rather perfect to read here and there. There are also quotes throughout the book which are neat to read.

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  1. Holly Thomas says:

    My daughter does watch Peppa Pig. She is a huge fan!

  2. wow

  3. My daughter loves watching this!

  4. deana dietrich says:

    We sure do!

  5. tammy smith says:

    My granddaughter loves it

  6. Michelle S says:

    My kids don’t but my niece is over often and I watch it with her.

  7. Katie Smith says:

    Yes we do! My little girl loves it!

  8. My child doesn’t but it’s my best friend’s little girl’s favorite.

  9. Desiree Glaze says:

    My daughter enjoys Peppa.

  10. My daughter watches Peppa Pig while wearing a Peppa Pig dress in her Peppa Pig blanket, leaning against her Peppa Pig decalled wall, playing with her Peppa/George/Suzie Sheep figures — you get the idea. Yes, she’s a fan. To put it mildly 🙂

  11. Not currently.

  12. Yep she watches and loves Peppa the Pig, I think they are cute too!

  13. Terry Maigi says:

    My daughter LOVES Peppa!

  14. vera wilson says:

    The kids love this cute pig.

  15. Does my child watch Peppa Pig? He’s obsessed with it. He wants to watch it every day on my tablet.

  16. My grand kids also love to watch Peppa Pig. It is really cute I have to admit.

  17. My whole family thinks the show is adorable.

  18. My daughter loves Peppa Pig

  19. Accontests6 says:

    My child doesn’t, but other relatives do.

  20. Bryan Vice says:

    My kids both love peppa win they would love this !!

  21. vickie couturier says:

    oh yes we watch peppa pig all the time

  22. Barbara Dagg says:

    For my granddaughter.

  23. Yes, the kids love Peppa Pig and they watch the show.

  24. WIN!

  25. Janet Woodling says:

    My children are grown ups so I am guessing they do not watch Peppa Pig.

  26. yes my grandkids watch the show

  27. Our grandson watches this great show all the time on TV.

  28. laura feist says:

    my grandkids love it

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    Yes my kids watch this

  30. Jeanna Massman says:

    My grandson loves Peppa Pig.

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    My son loves to watch Peppa Pig!

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    My grandaughter watches it

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    My grandson LOVES to watch Peppa Pig, it’s one of his favorite shows.

  34. Penny Phillips says:

    Yes, my grandchildren watch peppa pig. The twins are 2 yrs old. I have a grandson who is 3 yrs old and a granddaughter who is in 1St grade. They all enjoy watching this show. I watch it with them and I love Peppa Pig!!!! It”s such a fun, happy show.

  35. Darcy Koch says:

    Yes. Although I have boys, my youngest enjoys Peppa Pig very much. In fact, she took first place over Team Umizoomie.

  36. Yes, my nieces love Peppa Pig!

  37. Julie Lundstrom says:

    My son loves Peppa Pig. He watches it all the time.

  38. My grandsons love to watch Peppa Pig! It’s their favorite show!

  39. Yes, my grandsons watch Peppa Pig! It’s their favorite show!

  40. Yes my great niece and great neohew watch Peppa Pig. They say the way Peppa and the family talk is funny. We try to explain accents but it’s hard for them to understand. It’s nice that they like the show though 🙂

  41. Stephanie Phelps says:

    Oh yes she just got into Peppa Pig but loves it!

  42. No.