Our Trolls Review and a Reminder for the #SnackaliciousSweeps

I partnered with this brand in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

One of the coolest collaborations I have ever seen is between Sensible Portions and DreamWorks’ Trolls. Both brands are unique and make people happy. Just like Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Straws help families fill their bellies with happy snacks, DreamWorks’ Trolls help families find their happy places!


Two weeks ago I headed with my family down to Lincoln Park Zoo to check out the Sensible Portions Chicago Snacking Station Event and we had a blast. Bags of Sensible Portions Veggie Straws featuring DreamWorks’ Trolls were given out in all three flavors: Sea Salt, Zesty Ranch and Cheddar. We had never tried Cheddar before and that is my kid’s new favorite flavor! These straws, are made with veggies, have 30% less fat than a regular potato chip, are non GMO and gluten free.

With all the talk about Trolls, my kids were so excited that it finally arrived at theaters for us to go see it. Luckily my kids had a teacher institute day at school so we headed to our local movie theater for matinee showing. I ended up taking a few extra kids as well.



What did we think of the movie Trolls?

We all absolutely loved it! The movie is amazing and I’d actually pay to see it again. From the amazing animation to all the songs sung, yes, there is a lot of singing, the movie had us entertained. There are so many memorable moments too in the movie that my kids have started imitating the characters. I honestly couldn’t pick a favorite Troll either, as there are so many awesome ones. I wish I would have kept all my troll dolls from back in the 90’s as I now want to collect them all again!

I will say too sometimes animated movies don’t have a good storyline, but this is not the case with Trolls. It is a great story of friendship, adventure, working together and happiness. I really liked the happiness theme as it showed that you don’t need things to be happy but rather it is within you – something especially important with the upcoming holiday season.

While we didn’t get to enjoy our Sensible Portions Veggie Straws during the movie, my kids did ask for them as a snack when we got home! I think the movie reminded them of Veggie Straws (and now probably vice versa!)

There is still time too to enter the #SnackaliciousSweeps!

For even more fun with the, Sensible Portions and DreamWorks’ Trolls collaboration, Sensible Portions is also hosting the #SnackaliciousSweeps.


To Enter: 

Post a photo or video of your family’s snackalicious smiles on Instagram using #SnackaliciousSweeps, or submit on Sensible Portions’ Facebook page. You’ll be entered to win a prize pack full of fun items for the whole family!

Sweepstakes begins at 12:00:00 AM Eastern Time (ET) on October 17, 2016 and ends at 11:59:59 PM ET on November 11, 2016. Read the Official Sweepstakes Rules here.

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  1. Looks cute. Reminds me of the Smurfs.

  2. vickie couturier says:

    I took my grandson to see Trolls yesterday in 3D for his birthday,he and I both had fun with the glasses and the movie was really cute

  3. Those would be great snacks for my grandsons! I need to take them to see this movie soon!

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