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So I used to think all televisions were the same. I mean you turned them on and the bright colors formed the shows and movies you watched. I remember buying my first television on my own and how big of a decision it was. The television was just under $1000 and it was 32 inches. The television was a gift to myself for graduating college. That tv was also huge.

Nowadays televisions are brighter, thinner and crisper. It is amazing how the quality of the picture can really make you feel like you are right on the screen where the actors or players are.

Vizio is a brand that according to a study of televisions sold is a leading HDTV brand in America and I can definitely vouch for the quality of ours. We have been due for a new television and I was excited to jump into the smart tv market with the VIZIO SMARTCAST™ M-SERIES ULTRA HD Television.


What makes the VIZIO SMARTCAST™ M-SERIES ULTRA HD Television stand out?

Includes a 6″ tablet remote – you actually get two remotes, a small regular one and tablet one. The tablet one connects via Bluetooth and allows you to Google Cast your favorite apps right to the tv screen. You download your favorite apps such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, and Youtube and then push a button on the tablet to cast it onto the tv screen – super easy! You can actually cast just about anything online from pictures you have stored (perfect for viewing with family) to games your playing!



The tablet remote can really do so much!


You can even cast from your phone or computer right to the tv screen as long as you are on the same wi-fi network as your tv. Just like on the remote, you tap the Cast icon (its the first one on the top right).


Here is what pops up on my desktop when I click the Cast button on my Chrome browser. Once I click this, whatever is on my laptop screen shows up on my tv screen.


You can also watch shows right on the tablet which is perfect for when you want to watch something on television and your kids want to watch a show on a tablet! There is even a headphone jack!


The tablet remote features a Wireless Charging Dock which makes it so much easier to charge and keep track of. My kids are terrible at charging their tablets but they have yet to not put this remote on the dock thanks to how easy it is.


I won’t get into tech specs, you can read those on the Vizio website, but the picture is super crisp thanks to LED backlighting. Picture has no editing, up close it is even crisper!



Super easy to set-up! My 9 year old did the set-up on his own basically! You don’t need a tech guy to connect to your network or connect all your app accounts. The tablet remote prompts the set-up and is very user friendly.


Steel Calibrated Legs – I honestly wasn’t sure about the legs when I first saw the tv advertised but they have grown on me. I really feel like the tv is very sleek and modern looking. Oh and I was worried the tv wouldn’t be sturdy with the legs but they are perfectly sturdy.


Lots of ports for connections including HDMI, Ethernet and Audio Outputs – Honestly though other than our cable box we don’t have anything connected to this television thanks to the SmartCast feature of being able to cast all of our movie networks we watch! The ports though are great for connecting video game consoles and Blu-ray players, including 4k UHD BluRay players.

The HDMI ports are ready to support next-gen UHD devices – cable/satellite boxes, Blu-Ray players and game consoles.



HDMI cable included! Just so your totally ready to watch this awesome television, a 6 foot HDMI cable is included!


A very intuitive remote. You can change settings, connect devices and more right from the touch screen remote.


Check it out!

Learn more about the VIZIO SMARTCAST™ M-SERIES ULTRA HD Television for yourself!

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  1. ERICA WEAVER says:

    wow this looks like a really amazing tv i would love to have one of these in my home .this awesome and it looks like a clear picture and i love to be able to control from phone

  2. Yvonne Delgado says:

    Ugh, now I need this TV. I love the two remotes and pad idea for chromecast. I always stood in the tv section at Best Buy wondering how to know what the differences were. We always went for a deal with the best picture quality

  3. I have heard of Vizio, but not as a top TV brand. That is why I try and do my homework on products before I buy them. This is an all in one TV! Plus so much more can be hooked up to this Smart TV to make the most of entertainment pleasure. I am definitely pinning this article so I don’t forget when I look into buying my next TV.

  4. (VIZIO SMARTCAST™ M-SERIES ULTRA HD Television) This TV sounds amazing to me, I know it’s one that my hubby would like to have in his man cave for sure.

  5. James Robert says:

    I want one! I have a vizio tv now but this sounds terrific.