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I received this car for one week to review in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.toyota logo

A few weeks ago I headed up into Wisconsin about 3 hours from my house with my family. With five of us plus some bags, I do like a car to be roomy. Plus if you have more than one kid then you know how they can fit in the car and the more space the better! Well I got to check out the Toyota Highlander with a third row and it was great. The drive was smooth and the car was packed with tons of features.

Features of the Toyota Highlander I found helpful:

The third row is a nice option, it basically gives you a third row or a trunk but not really both. The third row is more for an occasional 5th and 6th passenger, as it is a tighter fit back there especially with leg room. I had my 8 year old back there and he had just enough room. It is a nice option though, but otherwise I would just keep the back row down if I only had 4 or less people in the car.

Middle row arm rest that lifts up or down if you need it. I like that its not built into the car floor so it is easily moved out of the way.

Lots of options on the touchscreen dashboard.

Lots of options on the driver dashboard (I’m drawing a blank on what its actually called.). I liked that with a few touches on the steering wheel I could see the direction I was traveling, radio station, range left based on gas and more!

Push button start along with keyless entry. This is becoming more and more standard but I do love it. So nice not to have to dig out keys especially when its so cold outside!

Very user-friendly navigation system. I found it was easy to input in addresses and navigate. Plus the system is very intuitive, my passenger took the picture below which shows what is coming up at each exit (gas stations, food, construction, etc.)

When I was low on gas I even got this nice message! When I clicked “Yes” it listed all the gas stations nearby!

Ledge. I don’t know what this is technically called but it is basically a ledge that holds essentials. I loved it for my sunglasses, phone and keys! You can even run the charging cord up through a hole for easy charging.

Roomy. Well the front two rows are roomy. For up to 4 people in the car, this makes for a comfortable ride!

Heated and cooling seats! Love that I could easily warm up my butt (or cool it off in the summer!)

Different modes and charging capabilities.

Durable mats to keep the floor clean and safe!

VISIT: Check out the Toyota Highlander for yourself to learn more about it!

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