After They Get on the Bus: How to Make Money Before Your Kids Get Home from School

If you are a stay-at-home mom, you have to juggle your day between making sure the kids are taken care of, before and after school, the household chores and in between all of that, maybe find a way of earning some extra cash.

There are plenty of moms who already have their day organized, by seeing the kids onto the bus, then getting the latest info from Money Morning online, so that they can trade some stocks and earn an income in the few hours they get to themselves.

Whether you decide to enter the world of day trading and playing the financial markets or follow some other form of money-making opportunity, there are certainly plenty of ways to earn some extra cash before the school bus brings the kids back home.

Earn money from affiliate marketing

The concept of affiliate marketing is simple and the rewards can be great, plus you don’t need to carry any stock or make any deliveries in order to earn your money.

What you do is promote affiliate products on your blog, via social media and anywhere where you can get the message across. Take Amazon for example. You can sign up to promote all the things that you find on Amazon such as books, DVDs, clothing and most of what is being sold on their website.

Amazon pay their associates up to 10% commission and the money is paid at regular intervals. So if you are active on social media platforms and know how to network with others, you could earn a tidy sum from affiliate marketing by signing up with people like Amazon, Clickbank, Shareasale and plenty besides.

If you are good at art and crafts

When you get family, friends and other people telling you that your artwork is really good or they like the things you make yourself, like trinkets and craftwork items in general, this might be a big clue that there is a business opportunity out there for you.

Sites like Etsy are the perfect platform to find a willing buyer for your items. It takes no time at all to register and set up your own page on Etsy, and when you consider that listing fees are cents rather than dollars, it really won’t cost much to start selling items.

Take a look at sites like Etsy and if you have a skill for producing beautiful handcrafted items, it could be a great way of generating an income, while doing something you love anyway.

Compliments to the chef

If you happen to be pretty handy in the kitchen and can turn out some great meals, there are several ways you could put those talents to good use and earn some extra money as well as some compliments about your cooking.

Sites like Eatwith are well worth a second look if you are a home chef who enjoys entertaining.

This is a relatively new concept that is catching on fast and you get the chance to be paid for hosting a dinner.

Eatwith allows you the chance to create the menu, choose a suitable time and date, and even set the rate you want to charge for each guest. You then get people booking a place at the table through the site, and you can then concentrate on turning out a great dining experience, which you get paid for.

You could do the prep work while the kids are at school and even enjoy meeting some new and interesting people once the kids have gone to bed, and you turn into the host of your own home restaurant for the evening.

Get paid for being a taxi service

It’s a running joke of course about moms taxi service, but you could actually get paid for driving people around, if you sign up as a driver for a service such as Lyft.

The hourly rate can be around $35 per hour and you can set your own working hours, which seems like a reasonable way of putting your car to good use during the day, and at least you can add some truth to the statement about being a taxi service.

If you are resourceful and have some skills or time to offer, there are plenty of ways to earn some money in between seeing the kids off to school, and it is a great feeling to have banked some cash before the school bus comes back later in the day.

Jackie Pearson has four kids ranging in age from 2 years to 12 years. Life is crazy but brilliant! Jackie works from home and writes about ways other Mom’s can do this, getting the benefits of both worlds.

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