Pick Up Holiday Gifts at Staples #MakeMoreHappen

I partnered with Staples in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

Did you know that Staples carries a lot more than office items? This year while you are picking up envelopes and labels for your holiday cards, tape for presents and ink for your printer, you can also pick up a whole lot more at your local Staples store. Did you know Staples carries tons of items that would make gifts? I honestly had no idea and guess I don’t pay attention when I am running in and out of Staples! Usually I am on a mission in Staples but now knowing they carry so much more I am excited to browse the store!

Need a gift for someone who loves to color?

Unleash their inner artist with an assortment of coloring books and accessories!

Need a gift for someone who loves games and toys?

Staples has tons of great games and toys all under $25 – perfect for picking up an affordable gift!

Need a gift for a co-worker or around the house?

There are lots of thoughtful gifts available all under $40!

I got the chance to check out a great selection of products from Staples and for under $100 I am able to cover so many of my friends and family. I love that I can do my own office shopping and gift shopping all under one roof! I mean no wants ink cartridges or printer paper for Christmas but tech gadgets, toys and thoughtful gifts are something no one will refuse!

Which gift is my favorite? The Wi-Fi Password sign is my absolute favorite and for $10 its a steal! I cannot tell you how many times I get asked by friends and family for our Wi-Fi password, mainly by my kid’s friends but still. The sign is going in our basement and that way its easily available for those that need it.

I love having games on hand to give out and at Staples prices under$25 they are affordable enough to pick up.

I am thinking for teacher gifts I am giving out journals and the adult coloring books. I figure they are something thoughtful and useful!

So next time your running into Staples make sure you do some browsing to cross some people off your list and have gifts on hand for those last minute gifts you need!

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  1. vickie couturier says:

    Staples has a awesome clearance aisle too,,they do a great markdown on all types of items

  2. I never realized staples had so many games. And with the coloring book craze, Staples is perfect to get coloring books and pencils.

  3. I still need a few last minutes gifts. Some great ideas that you shared. We have a Staples in town here, so I’m heading there tomorrow.
    Thank you!

  4. Lana simanovicki says:

    I didn’t know staples had all this stuff

  5. I didn’t realize they sold all those different kinds of things.