Spelling with Phonics With Wonster Words

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When I was in kindergarten, it was all about playing and learning just a few things. I don’t remember the focus being on learning as much as just social interaction. Well today in school kindergartners are expected to know a lot. I remember sitting in a kindergarten presentation and listening to all the expectations for kindergartens and thinking how grateful I was that my kid had went to a great preschool.

Luckily there are some great apps available for tablets and phones that are perfect for keeping kids in line with today’s standards. Phonics and Math are two big areas that young kids need to have a great foundation for.

Wonster Words is an app that was inspired by Sesame Street. The award-winning app was designed to help kids learn to sound out word families and 44 of the most common phonemes. The app uses animated letters that kids can listen to and play games with to sound out the phonics, gliding vowels and consonant blends. Once the words are complete, a short animation and mini-game helps drill in the letter sounds.

Some Wonster Words Features:

  • Silly letters and monsters engage kids in spelling puzzles, ABC hide-and-seek and letter based mini-games. Once the words are complete, children will enjoy cute animations with monster friends to reinforce what they learned.

  • The game is specifically designed for both school age and preschool children who are learning to read.

  • Wonster Words comes with 24 free words to play and learn, with more available through a parent-gated in-app purchase section. It is not a demo app that will have kids pushing a button to buy it, the parent button is small and you have to read it to know how to activate it. You can buy additional words for $0.99 to $14.99 for the whole package.

  • Free monthly updates means endless learning and play.

We love Wonster Words!

My 5 year old daughter has had so much fun with this app and she is starting to understand how to sound out words. I wish this app was around for my boys (who are 8 and 9) as they struggled with phonics well past kindergarten. I love how this app has words that are simple for kids. The games are perfect for reinforcing the letter sounds and words, which with kids repetition is a must!

Stay Connected with Wonster Words:

Wonster Words WEBSITE

CHECK OUT: Download Wonster Words on the App Store or Google Play or the Amazon App Store for free with in-app purchases.

Save on Wonster Words: During the Google promotional period of 12/28-1/6, the All Access pass for Wonster will be discounted to $9.99 on Google Play. The regular price was $14.99. Please note: the discount is only on Google Play, not iOS or Amazon.

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  1. Alisa Christianson says:

    I like that it’s interactive and a playful way to learn words!

  2. Mary benack says:

    My grandson would love this. I could teach him an have fun

  3. vickie couturier says:

    that looks like such a fun way to learn

  4. My son would love this game. He is always downloading apps to my tablet and phone.

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