Aluratek WiFi Digital Photo Frame = Perfect Gift!

I partnered with this brand in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

When digital picture frames first came out I remember them being a big deal. Back then you had to put the camera’s SD card in the frame to display pictures but it was then a pain to update them. I mean who has the time to pop out the SD card, put new pictures on it and then re-display? So basically what happened for us was we loaded pictures on our frame and then never updated them.

Well now with WiFi and the “cloud”, technology is getting more and more user-friendly. Now there is no excuses for not displaying new photos thanks to the Aluratek WiFi Digital Photo Frame! It is a touchscreen digital photo frame that connects to your WiFi so photos can be shared and displayed automatically! To make it even easier, you can even sync the frame with your Facebook and Twitter accounts so any image you post to those accounts will transfer directly to the frame.

Features of the Aluratek WiFi Digital Photo Frame:

Connects easily to any WiFi 802.11 b/g/n wireless network. I had ours connected to our network in minutes! Seriously a connection right away and without a hitch!

You can sync the frame with your Facebook and Twitter accounts so any image you post to those accounts will transfer directly to the frame. You don’t have to but it is an option.

Photos can be uploaded via their photo cloud app. Which can then be shared with multiple devices so all the family can send pictures to the frame! I love this idea because it lets us, my brother-in-law and my in-laws, all send pictures to one frame.

Touchscreen – It seems like everything today is becoming touchscreen and it really does make things easier, especially for older generations. There is no remote or app you have to use to navigate this frame, just tap away on the screen to what you want to look at.

Very user friendly menus – The HOME screen has multiple widgets that users can click on to change what will be displayed. Maybe one day you want a clock displayed or family photos or just the weather! This is like a tablet but in digital frame version! It is a little strange that the HOME screen has random pictures of strangers but we don’t keep it on the HOME screen anyways.

You can of course view photos but also videos and even slideshows with music! There is 8GB of built-in storage, a memory card reader and USB support to store favorite photos, videos and music. But again you don’t have to use the built-in storage as there is the cloud based storage as well!

The frame is very modern looking and would look great in any room! The quality of the pictures is great!

Lots of fun options such as these clock templates or calendar.

So many settings to play around with.

The screen uses a true digital LCD panel which means crisper and clearer images.

You can even set alarms!

Can be mounted on a wall or displayed on a shelf. I was reading how even businesses can use this frame to display business hours, sale items, specials, menu boards and more. The possibilities are endless with what this frame can be used for!

I have tried many digital frames in these past few years and this one has been the most user-friendly to set-up and use as well the most affordable. It is going to make a great addition to our house as well as gifts for our parents who are also asking for updated pictures of the grandkids!

Check out the Aluratek – 10.1″ LCD Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame sold exclusively at Best Buy stores.

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  1. I don’t always bring my phone with me everywhere. Sometimes I do bring it and like a wallet, I flip the app open and start showing off my pics! But I also want to show them off in my home! How cool that I can show a lot of pics in one frame instead of a dozen! Great idea and gift!! I also believe in paper pictures for our future generations!! Best Buy is still my favorite store for buying my technical and appliances products, so I have no doubt that this cool frame can be found at Best Buy!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Digital frames have certainly come a long way. This looks like fun.

  3. Jenna Hudson says

    This is a nice thing to have on when company over. Great conversation starter!

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