Are You a Netflix Cheater? @Netflix #StreamTeam

I am currently a member of the Netflix Stream Team and this post is part of my involvement in the Group in exchange for receiving a product package.

“Hi, my name is Cher, and I am a Netflix cheater…”

Being someone who works from home and someone who loves tv in the background, I watch a lot of Netflix. I have never been a big music person, like how some people like music in the background while they work – I prefer television. Whether I am reliving old shows or catching up on new shows, I love how Netflix keeps me going.

So where does the cheating come in?

Well my husband doesn’t get a lot of television time due to work and hockey, and I can’t always wait for him. I try, I really do but then I don’t think our marriage vows about being faithful had anything to do with Netflix.

If I waited for my husband to watch shows with me, it would take us forever to finish anything. I am not one to have patience and binging is a hobby of mine.

So whether I am sneaking ahead to watch Santa Clarita Diet or The OA, I feel like it is impossible to not cheat on my husband via Netflix of course.

Luckily Netflix has so many shows that lately I have been able to watch other shows that my husband is not interested in like Gilmore Girls, Supernatural and Bates Motel.

I am not the only one who cheats, 46% of streaming couples cheat according to Netflix!

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  1. Nicole Colletti says:

    Omg I’m the same way! I have law and order SVU or supernatural on all day log no matter what I’m doing..I feel like I can’t get my day going or moving without it! Even tho I’m not even really watching it lol