5 Tricks For Credit Card Users

When was the last time you used cash? No, seriously, we are absolutely dependent on credit cards today. We are so useless without them. For better or for worse we have learned and mastered the art of plastic. Or we think so. Even today we are reading a newspaper headline about a housewife from Minnesota who lost it all due to debt while not even realizing it because of a scam, a fraud, or plain simple poor financial management.

That is right. We can never get too cocky with a credit card regardless of our origin or experience with plastic. That is why I came up with these five prominent credit card tips you should always consider and keep close to both your heart and your mind. Let us cut straight to the chase, shall we?

Choose the card wisely

Today, with a wide variety of digital services at our disposal everyone can simply go to website effectify.com and get a clear, precise, definitive explanation of all kinds of cards and credit deals currently available.

You can go for cash back cards, traveling cards or no fee for wireless transaction cards. In either case, all of them are different ant it is, at times, wiser to know all about them before even bothering to ask a consultant from the bank.

Stick with the plan

Create a budget, set up a limit ad stick with it. Life can be dangerous. You can either spend too much without any second thoughts and deal with the consequences or, in the worst case scenario, a fraud can get a hold of your credentials, and you will be the one explaining the bank how you never bought a giraffe in Peru.

Having a plan saves your wallet from both you as well as any other third party eager for your money so not having one is plain dumb.

Increase is not always a good thing

If you have been a loyal customer to the bank and paid up every loan up to the last time the bank may get kind enough to increase your limit without you even asking for it.

Do not get too excited. It does not mean you have more income all of a sudden. If you can afford to pay up $900 instead of the $500 in a single payment by the end of the month 0 just play like you have never seen the extra cash instead of getting heads deep in debt.

Did I miss any significant tips others can benefit from? Feel free to share them with me and let us all engage in an interesting, meaningful discussion. That noted, enough feedback can inspire me to write a separate article based on your thoughts entirely. Who is in for the ride?

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  1. With identity theft as common as it is nowadays, I’m glad to pay with a credit or debit card and know that I’m covered in case it does occur. It hasn’t happened to us, thankfully, but I know that it’s definitely a possibility!