It’s That Dreaded Time of the Year Again…Swimsuit Shopping Time

Okay so there are two things I absolutely hate shopping for…jeans and swimsuits. I’d rather deal with a high-pressure furniture salesman than shopping for jeans and a swimsuit. I think the problem I have is, well other than that I am fat, is that the sizes are just not universal. One brand I might be one size and another brand I am two sizes bigger. Then of course I get depressed having to buy the bigger size than I thought when in all honesty it is the same size I have been wearing.

I have come to the realization finally that I will never be a size 3 or 5 or even 7 again, but that doesn’t mean I have to be frumpy. There are so many great swimsuits out there that I know I’ll find “the one” eventually. Luckily swimsuit manufacturers have come out with so many designs that help disguise un-flattering assets as well as styles that flatter other assets.

For example, if you have a tummy you want to hide. There are now high waisted brief and control tops to choose from. I love the idea of not having to suck it all in thanks to something sucking it all in for me.

Want to cover up part of your thighs, butt or just give yourself a little more coverage in general than briefs? There are adorable skirt bottoms available. I honestly have been wearing a skirt for years now as it gives me less to worry about.

Like more coverage update than just a bikini top but don’t want a one piece? Tankinis are the way to go. They can cover all the way down to your bottoms and don’t make you feel squished in a one-piece. I am all about the tankini tops with skirt bottoms.

Prefer a traditional one-piece? Now there are some fun designs available so you’re not just wearing a boring solid colored one. If you are a black-fan there are ones that has a little something to them as well.

Really though no matter which route you go, trying on suits in inevitable, unless of course you are perfect and everything fits you. I have honestly never been 100% happy trying in swimsuits but do the best I can. Now that I am getting older, I also don’t care as much what other people think. I am realistic though and know that no one wants to see me in a bikini now.

How do you get through swimsuit shopping? Do you go alone or bring a friend for advice?

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  1. Jessica Cox says:

    I go alone and take pics of myself with the swim suit on, I try to find something to hide all my bumps and lumps, and I always need to find a suit that has great built in bra or support for the girls.

  2. If you have a tummy to hide, the most flattering swimsuit is going to be a one piece with a skirt bottom. It will give you more of an hour glass shape and detract from your middle.
    The absolute worse thing you can wear is a two piece, especially one with a high rise bottom. It just makes you look like you’re wearing giant underwear, and only emphasizes the tummy.

  3. I go swimsuit shopping every few years. Right now I have a few that I like which is good because it is not a shopping trip I enjoy. I usually go it alone because it can take awhile for me to decide.

  4. Ugh! I haven’t shopped for a new suit in a few years, but it’s time for a new one and I’m not looking forward to it. I always make sure to go without my toddler daughter and try a ton of things on so I can take my time. I look for a tankini or one piece with ruching, patterning or colorblocking to disguise my tummy. I also look for a tunic style coverup. 🙂

    I like the idea of the shaping high waisted briefs with a tankini top. I’ll definitely try that on this year. Fingers crossed!

  5. I haven’t been suit shopping in ages. The last time I got one I did it online, but it didn’t work out at all. I still have a few I haven’t worn yet, but these styles are nice. I like looking at them, but not trying them on. A nice suit can be hard to resist even if you have a bunch already.

  6. I definitely always wear a skirt for a bottom. The more coverage the better!

  7. Victoria Scott says:

    Like most mom’s, I, also dread swimsuit shopping. I usually go by myself and if I feel decent in a swimsuit in the dressing room, I’ll feel good in it out. My rule for ALL clothing is that if you aren’t comfortable when trying it on, it will not be comfortable when you go to put it on later. So don’t waste your money 🙂

  8. Bethany Suire says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I’m really self conscious when it comes to wearing swimsuits, especially ones that particularly show any midriff.

  9. vickie couturier says:

    i find a good one and keep it for years,i dont buy a new one every year,id drather pay a bit more and get a good one that will last years and i get one appropreate for a older woman

  10. Lana simanovicki says:

    I go with my family I get the skirt ones