2017 Toyota Sienna Car Review

I received this car for one week to review in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

As a mom of three, I am partial to minivans and the Toyota Sienna is definitely a top one for me. They call it the “Swagger Wagon” and I can definitely see why it’s called it. You just feel comfortable and cozy when you’re driving it.

Som features of the Toyota Sienna:

  • Roomy – This model fits seven passengers nicely and with plenty of room!

  • Large trunk – I found that the trunk was deep and large enough to fit everything I needed it to and then some. It also has a nice side compartment for even more storage.

  • Nice controls for heat and butt warmers

  • Lots of sensors

  • Lots of storage – seriously big spot for my bag without having to throw it on the passenger seat! Even two glove compartments!

  • Lots of charging options throughout car

  • 4WD – This would be nice in the snow!

  • 2 moonroofs

  • Giant movie screen for back passengers – seriously this is the biggest entertainment screen I have ever seen!

  • Sporty design – I feel like it was much bigger too on the inside that it looked

  • 5 Stars for Overall Vehicle Score, Frontal Crash, Side Crash (driver and passenger) – 4 Stars for Passenger Crash and Rollover
  • Keyless entry – This is becoming pretty standard and I love it. Being able to keep my car keys in my purse or pocket means I don’t have to dig them out. You just push a button on the door when you are nearby and it senses the keys.

  • Push Button Engine Start – Again this becoming standard but it goes along with keyless entry and is a convenience thing.

  • Touch-Screen Navigation/Entertainment System – This navigation was super easy to use and I didn’t need a manual to figure out.

  • 18 MPG City and 24 MPG Highway

While many features are becoming standard on cars, it is nice to not have to pay for so many extras. This car was about $49,000 loaded with the features above (and then some.) I do feel this was a more luxurious minivan than some others I have driven. The main feature I’d say is it’s so roomy. While I am pretty short, I felt like there was so much room. My 10-year-old in the back seat actually said when he got in the seat behind me how much leg room there was. So if you are looking for a roomy van, I’d highly recommend trying out this one.

Check out the 2017 Toyota Sienna to learn more.

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  1. One thing I really like about new cars is the touch screen navigation. Makes it so much easier to get around.

  2. Victoria Scott says:

    I’ve heard such great things about the Sienna – this one is awesome 🙂

  3. Betsy Barnes says:

    This is a really nice mini van. Toyota does a great job with their vehicles. I like all the space in this one!

  4. My Toyota lasted for 20 years. It’s time for a new one and this looks so fancy.

  5. Gloria Zimmer says:

    I really like this car.

  6. Michelle Bartley says:

    Toyota makes great vehicles! Looks like a great family van!