Hot New Books From @ParragonBooks From March {Reviews}

I received the products below to review in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

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Every month I get some great books from Parragon books that my family gets to enjoy. The latest books I received were hits as expected.

Who is Parragon Books?

Parragon is one of the largest illustrated non-fiction publishers in the world. From great selections of Disney, Barbie, Monster High, Ever After High, Discovery Kids, Dora, TMNT, Sponge Bob to in-house favorites including Little Learners, Pinkabella, Dino Supersaurus, Glitterbelle, Life Canvas, Love Food and more, we make books affordable and accessible to readers all around the globe.

So what books did I get?

Disney Lion King Magical Story

This wonderful classic story is beautifully illustrated on every page, bringing the magical world of Disney to life. With a beautiful lenticular cover, your children will love reading along with the story. This storybook is sure to be treasured and passed down as a collectible for years to come.

This is an adorable hardcover book that features The Lion King story in words and pictures. It is the whole story with great pictures. The front hardcover features a tin image which is a nice touch. My 5 year old can’t read the story but loves telling the story herself through the pictures.

Twisty Mazes for Little Hands

Start little, learn BIG with this wipe-clean, twisty mazes activity book! Fun themes and appealing characters will inspire your child to find a way through all the mazes, while the gentle, educational concepts throughout – such as counting, matching and opposites – introduce learning in a friendly way. Plus, the wipe-clean format means your little one can enjoy this activity book again and again! Comes with detachable wipe-clean pen.

This is a paperback activity book that comes with a dry erase marker easily stored back in the book. It is a perfect book for on the go fun. The mazes start easy and get more challenging. Great for little kids practicing and hand-eye coordination. It would make a great gift as well.

Sticker and Draw Red, Yellow, Blue

Start little and learn BIG with this creative activity book! Inventive prompts and artistic page starters inspire learning Colors with minimal supervision. Simple activities with patterns, shapes, pictures, and stickers introduce key learning concepts in a fun, friendly way. With over 150 big, bright stickers to get your hands on!

This is a coloring sticker book that will definitely keep kids busy. The activities are all pretty easy like color stripes or add patterns. Then kids can put the stickers on various pages to match the colors or shapes. I think it would make the perfect gift but you’ll want to add some colored pencils or crayons. I’d say it would be good for 4-8 years old.

Doodle and Draw Everything

Start little and learn big with Doodle and Draw Everything! This awesome book has over 150 pictures to complete! Draw pictures, patterns and even create your own scenes. Add fluffy tales to adorable rabbits, fill up empty milkshake glasses and so much more. Find out about counting, opposites, and matching along the way.

This is a huge paperback book jam packed with 150 pictures to complete. The activities include coloring various patterns, colors, even filling in a pizza and cupcake toppings. Very easy and super creative. Perfect as a gift with a pack of colors pencils or crayons. So much to do, it is sure to keep kids busy for days and days! I actually keep ours in a bag in the car for when we go to my kid’s sports practices, so the others have something to do. I like too how the pages are crisp and thick white, not like the yellowed “old school” coloring books.

Disney Princess Beauty and the Beast Collector’s Tin

Join your favorite Disney Princess Belle for this Beauty and the Beast Collector’s Tin. Inside this tin you’ll discover an inspiring storybook, an enchanted activity book and an adventurous coloring book. Plus, there are 4 markers, a double-sided poster and over 50 stickers of Belle and her enchanted friends. It’s a tin full of fun!

For the price of less than $10, you really do get a lot in this kit. It is perfect for any Disney fan whether they saw the movie or not. My daughter has the tin on display in her room and takes it with us whenever she needs to have something to do (like a restaurant or her brother’s sports activities.) It is easily re-used later to contain stuff or display. Lots of fun inside and would make a great gift.

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  1. Crissie Woolard says:

    My daughter loves doing arts and crafts. To be nine years though she does an amazing job with her drawing and painting. She loves to draw people animals and different things. This is such a neat giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win

  2. Lisa Coomer Queen says:

    My granddaughter loves to doodle fashion designs and animals. Thanks!

  3. Lauren U says:

    My son likes to draw happy faces

  4. my son’s like to draw cartoon characters

  5. Allyson Becker says:

    Definitely animals and people.

  6. Our daughter likes to doodle animals.

  7. They like to doodle flowers and fruit ina bowl

  8. Jennifer H. says:

    I would say animals.

  9. He loves to draw all kinds of houses.

  10. My child loves to doodle shapes like circles, rectangles, stars and then color them. I use this as an opportunity to teach simple counting too by encouraging him to draw one more and one more and count the number of shapes.

    Thank You for the crisp reviews. They look interestin especially the creative activity book – red yellow blue sticker and draw.

  11. Kayla Klontz says:

    My son loves to doodle houses!

  12. Flowers

  13. My daughter loves to doodle fish & other sea creatures

  14. William C Karcher says:

    My grand son would love this !

  15. Michelle C says:

    My daughter likes to doodle cartoon characters.

  16. Janet Woodling says:

    When our children were growing up they were always drawing pictures of our house and the family.

  17. Bethany Suire says:

    My little boy definitely loves to doodle trains! He is Thomas OBSESSED so it’s always on his little mind!

  18. Lana simanovicki says:

    All my kids would enjoy this

  19. denise low says:

    My granddaughter love to draw. She can sit all day and just draw.

  20. cartoon characters and animals are common

  21. Terra Heck says:

    She likes to doodle stars, flowers and clouds. Thanks.

  22. My son specializes in scribble monsters!

  23. RENEE WALTERS says:

    My son loves to doodle people!

  24. Amanda G says:

    a great way to get kids to use their imaginations and have fun

  25. My granddaughter likes to make doodles of animals especially dogs.

  26. Victoria Scott says:

    My daughter loves to draw everything! Especially people and animals 🙂 She would really love this book!

  27. My cousin always draws flowers.

  28. Trees and birds.

  29. My great niece likes to draw animals, at least what she calls animals, lol :).

  30. My great niece likes to draw animals, at least what she calls animals, lol 🙂

  31. Sharon Schoepe says:

    My son loves to draw robots

  32. Gina Rock says:

    My daughter loves to draw animals and scenery!

  33. We always like to doodle animals.

  34. my daughter loves to draw….anything!

  35. vickie couturier says:

    my grandson loves to draw cars and robots

  36. laura feist says:

    theylove to doodle flowers

  37. Gina Ferrell says:

    My child loves to doodle flowers.

  38. Anita Yancey says:

    He likes to doodle cars and trucks. Thanks for this chance.

  39. John Smith says:

    Cats and kittens are always fun to doodle! Thank you for the contest!

  40. Lisa Williams says:

    My daughter loves to draw flowers and cats,I love how she will draw a bow on top of a girl cat so I can tell if it’s a girl or boy cat.