Fun, Flexible and Functional: Fitting Bean Bag Furniture With Your Existing Home Décor

When we think of bean bag furniture, we often associate it with kids. Fun and comfortable, bean bags are a staple in the majority of young children’s bedrooms as a comfortable seating area for them and their friends. But bean bags certainly aren’t just for kids and, in fact, have significant health benefits most people aren’t even aware of!

Available in every color imaginable with a wide range of patterns and sizes to choose from, the possibilities you can create with bean bag furniture are virtually endless. Whether you want to give your living room a more relaxed atmosphere or add a couple to your master bedroom for some added cozy seating, bean bags will surprisingly fit in virtually anywhere throughout the home as long as you get it right. Get it wrong, and your bean bags could look completely out of place which certainly won’t be the look you’re going for! So, if you want to add some bean bag furniture into your existing home décor but aren’t sure where to start, here are some tips on seamlessly adding bean bags to your home.

Choose complementary colors

Before even beginning to choose the size and style of your bean bags, it’s essential to get your color sorted first. Unless you’re planning on redecorating the entire room, you’ll have to choose colors that perfectly complement your existing color scheme which is actually a lot harder than it sounds.

With each basic color featuring hundreds of different shades and hues, it’s important to do some research first into color theory and establish the best possible bean bag options for your home.

But despite this, it’s still important to go with your gut instinct too! Just because color scheme analysts may say a particular set of colors will look good together, if they don’t suit your personal taste it’s pointless choosing them. Whilst research into complementary colors is useful, it’s still your home and the selection you choose must appeal to your personal preferences above anything else.

Look further than rounded bean bags 

Most people assume that bean bags come in one standard shape: round. Whilst rounded bean bags are probably the most popular choice, there are in fact a huge array of different shapes and sizes to explore!

From bean bag chairs to an oversized lounger, it’s important to establish what you’re actually going to use the bean bag for before selecting a shape. If you’re planning on sitting in it to read or work, a more structured bean bag chair is likely to be most appropriate. But, if you just want to include bean bag furniture to create a more relaxed, comfortable atmosphere in your chosen room, a rounded, squishy option will likely suffice.

Take measurements 

As bean bags are seen as being a more laid-back type of furniture as opposed to a structured couch or table, many people don’t take measurements as seriously as they should. It’s important to remember that, no matter which bean bag you choose, it’s still a piece of furniture and needs to fit accordingly into your selected space.

So, before parting with your money and making a bean bag purchase, take some measurements of the area in which you’re planning to put it to ensure you don’t end up buying something too large or too small. Just a quick 10 minutes of your time is all you’ll need to do this, and it will make your first bean bag purchase much more successful!

Choose your room carefully 

This may seem obvious, but it’s important to put your bean bag furniture in a room where you’ll likely use it the most. Some people end up placing bean bags in their dining room just for them to never get used and gather dust, so you definitely don’t want to make this mistake as you’ll end up wasting your money.

Establish which rooms you spend most of your time in, and work out whether or not a bean bag will get properly used. Whether it’s a central piece in your living room to relax in whilst watching TV or something in the corner of your office to relax on during a quick lunch break, ensure your bean bag is in a well-used room for you to make the most of your purchase.

Bean bag furniture is often underrated despite being a hugely beneficial addition to most rooms. As long as you choose the right colors and place it in an appropriate location, your home is guaranteed to get a sudden relaxing lift once the bean bags are in place!

Harley Wallace enjoys writing about home decor and small DIY tasks. She’s a neat freak who is addicted to chocolate cookies (or chocolate and cookies!!) coffee and the internet!

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  1. I have had bean bag chairs in the past and found them to be versatile and functional. I will have to look into getting some new ones.

  2. Victoria Scott says:

    I could really use 2 of these in our living room for my girls. I really love how many colors bean bag chairs come in now too.