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This post was sponsored by Sunshine Sweet Corn as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Last month I got the chance to vacation in Mexico and experience all the amazing dishes they have to offer. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort and one dish that was everywhere was ceviche. Every restaurant and buffet had at least one if not multiple variations of ceviche.

Well now that I am home and have to cook for myself, I have been looking at ceviche recipes I can easily make. Now, most ceviche dishes include seafood but I don’t always have (or want) seafood at home. Then I came across a vegetable ceviche recipe from celebrity chef Michelle Bernstein on the Sunshine Sweet Corn website and I knew it would be perfect.

Corn is my family’s favorite vegetable, the sweeter the better we say. Why should I have to wait until summer to enjoy corn? Something too about corn that doesn’t come out of the freezer or can just taste fresh and sweet. So I made Sweet Corn Ceviche for Easter as a side dish and it was delicious. I was looking for a cold dish since so many of our sides were hot and this dish combined so many yummy vegetables.

My Sweet Corn Ceviche was a hit and I had requests to make it for the next party we have. The recipe called for plating the ceviche in the corn husks and using bigger pieces of corn as well but I just whipped it into a salad-type dish. I think too it would taste good heated up if you are looking for a hot dish. Also, don’t feel like you need to use all the ingredients the recipe calls for – not an asparagus fan or plum tomato fan, leave it out!

Sunshine Sweet Corn, grown in Florida, is a guarantee you’ll enjoy delicious, sweet tasting corn throughout April and May. It is non-GMO, extra tender and regulated for quality control. Actually too once you try Sunshine Sweet Corn you’ll no longer say “Corn is all the same.” It does have a sweeter flavor that to me reminds me of summer.

Need recipe inspiration? The Sweet Corn website has tons of great recipes as does the Sunshine Sweet Corn Pinterest page. You can also see some great corn pictures on the Sunshine Sweet Corn Instagram page.

Sunshine Sweet Corn is on sale now!  Visit your local Grocer to buy some today.

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