“Touch the Earth” By Julian Lennon

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touch the earth

Touch the Earth

From internationally known singer, songwriter, and environmental activist Julian Lennon—along with New York Times bestselling author Bart Davis and beloved Croatian illustrator Smiljana Coh—comes TOUCH THE EARTH, an inspiring and lyrical story about how children can change the word and make it a better place.

In this debut picture book, readers will jump aboard the White Feather Flier, a magical plane that can go wherever you want, just point it up in the air, or down into the water. The White Feather Flier’s mission is to take children to places all over the world, engage them in helping to save the environment, and teach them how to keep it clean for future generations.

A passion project that comes from the heart, this stunningly illustrated book is inspired by the white feather he was given by his father when he was young. TOUCH THE EARTH is the first in a planned trilogy of similarly-themed picture books, and each will be released one year apart on Earth Day. A thrilling interactive experience à la Press Here, readers will participate in the action by pushing buttons within the book to help “fly the plane.”

Lennon has written an original poem to accompany the release of this legacy book, and all proceeds will be donated to the White Feather Foundation.

About the Authors and Illustrator

Julian Lennon (author) is a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, photographer, documentarian, and philanthropist. Born in Liverpool, England, Lennon is an observer of life in all its forms developing his personal expression through his artistic endeavors. In 2007, Lennon founded the global environmental and humanitarian organization The White Feather Foundation whose key initiatives are education, health, conservation, and the protection of indigenous culture.

Bart Davis (author) is an international bestselling author of novels and nonfiction books. His most recent isBlack and White—The Way I See It, the biography of Richard Williams, father of tennis champions Venus and Serena Williams. He has also written two feature films and a wide range of print articles. Davis lives in New York City.

Smiljana Coh (illustrator) is an artist who studied film animation and combines traditional and digital illustration techniques in her work. She has illustrated the picture books I Want to Be a Ballerina and wrote and illustrated The Seven Princesses. She lives in Croatia and can be found online at cohillustration.com.

This is an adorable picture book that is also interactive. Throughout the book there are prompts such as “Just press the FLY button” and “Shake the book” perfect to get even the kids that hate reading into a book. My kids (5, 8 and 10 years old) all got into the book and I am adding this book to my list to give as birthday gifts. I think it would be perfect for any age, from parents reading to kids to kids reading on their own. A portion too of the proceeds from the book sales will go to support the environmental and humanitarian efforts of The White Feather Foundation.

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touch the earth

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  1. We compost our kitchen scraps

  2. We try to reuse items.

  3. Jennifer H. says:

    We grow our own garden.

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    To help the earth we compost.

  5. Julie Waldron says:

    We plant trees to help the earth.

  6. RENEE WALTERS says:

    We recycle everything!

  7. We recycle, use reusable shopping bags (even at stores that don’t require it) and try to conserve water as much as possible.

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    we recycle,bottle,cans and plastic ,i hand my clothes to dry,,i take reusable shopping bags to the store with me when grocery shopping

  9. We help the earth by recycling.

  10. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    I spent yesterday with my kids at the park cleaning up for Earth Day. I would love to be able to share this book with them because I think they would really enjoy it.

  11. Ro Menendez says:

    I love interactive books! It allows children to really use the power of their imagination!

  12. I love this earth. Such a beautiful being.

  13. Kayla Klontz says:

    I don’t litter, I recycle, and I never leave the water running.

  14. always recycle.

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    Something I do to help the earth? How about voting for democrats?!

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    We recylce

  17. I recycle a lot! 🙂

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    We like to walk along the road behind our backyard when people like to littler outside of their cars by throwing trash out if the car windows. It’s so upsetting but to be able to help clean it up makes us feel a bit better!

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    The kids and I like to help pick up litter to help keep the Earth clean.

  20. We always recycle and the kids help with that. They even want to recycle some things that are not recyclable, lol At least it teaches them to think before they throw things in bins 🙂

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    We recycle

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    We recycle all year round and pick up liter when needed.

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    We recycle and have cut back on shower times. Thanks!

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    We recycle and pick up litter when we are out exploring the neighborhood, the park, or the beach!


  27. We recycle as much as we can and try to be aware of buying items with less packaging and plastic.

  28. We reduce, reuse, and recycle all year round.

  29. vera wilson says:

    When out for a walk, will pick up liter others have left.