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I am currently a member of the Netflix Stream Team and this post is part of my involvement in the Group in exchange for receiving a product package.

With summer break just starting out for my kids I have begun reminiscing about my own childhood. I was telling my kids the other day how when I was younger, I went out in the morning, came back for lunch and then out again until dusk for dinner. We didn’t have air conditioning and with two younger brothers, I was happy to be out. I would ride my bike all over, no fear or really even rules.

My kids were boggled when I told them about me being out all day! I explained how there was nothing to do back then other than play outside. Cartoons were on Saturday mornings and other than that I only remember Sesame Street being on for an hour a day. For adults, it wasn’t too much better with soap operas/game shows on during the morning hours.

Now thanks to Netflix, kids (and parents) can enjoy their favorite shows anytime and even anywhere. From early mornings to rainy days to sick days, I love that we have Netflix as an option. We have especially been watching a lot of Netflix due to crazy hot days we have been having here.

We usually start the day with a kid show like Trollhunters or A Series of Unfortunate Events.

My husband and I then have been ending the day with House of Cards, which Season 5 just came out!

What about those times though when you are watching Netflix as a family?

What is a family to do though if they can’t agree on what to watch?

Well, Netflix has come out with this cool spinner you can print out and customize. All you need to do is print it out, glue/tape on some shows and add a paperclip.

Looking for some new Netflix shows to watch?

In case you missed it, Netflix now has a Thumbs Up/Down Rating System! By clicking a thumbs up or down, Netflix learns what you like and don’t like so you have better recommendations.

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  1. shannon fowler says:

    I love your idea of a spinner. My sister and I were always fighting over who got to watch what they wanted.