How To Travel the World With Your Smartphone

The smartphone has overtaken both the SLR and video camera as a way of recording vacation memories. The bulky equipment of yesteryear now exists in one device that’s only a little bigger than a deck of cards. But the reduction in size doesn’t always mean that a device is perfect for all of your needs. Specifications vary greatly from smartphone to smartphone, and you may get confused when you’re looking at them. Focus on the features you prefer. Do you want a smartphone with a fast processor and high-quality lens? Or do you prefer to have a smartphone with more memory and sacrifice on other features? 

Phones you can use on T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network come in a variety of screen sizes, which you’ll appreciate when you’re sending and receiving photos with the nation’s largest wireless carrier. The more screen real estate you have for viewing your images, the better the experience will be. Larger screens are better for aging eyes by reducing the amount of eye strain. Larger screens also show you more of the picture you’re taking so that you can be sure that you’re getting the action you’re after. Finally, you may want to choose a smartphone with significant onboard memory to help the processor keep up with the images or videos you’re taking. 

You’ll find plenty of devices on the market that are sure to meet your personal needs and capture priceless images from your vacation. Delve into the infographic below to learn more about different smartphone models and the features available to you.  

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