Ama-zzzz-ing Natural Methods To Combat Insomnia

There’s nothing better than being able to get into bed at a very reasonable hour and making sure that you get the full seven to eight hours of sleep at night. However, things don’t always work out like that, and some nights, you might end up staring at the ceiling for hours before you finally get to sleep. What happens when these sleepless nights occur more often or, even worse, if they start to become a regular habit? If you are finding it difficult to sleep more often than not, you are probably suffering from insomnia.

Insomnia is a difficult illness to manage, as it will leave you feeling tired and exhausted the next day. And no matter how tired you will feel when you get into bed, there is no guarantee that it will make it easier to drop off to sleep! For some sufferers, bed time can be a dreaded nightmare as it just means hours of tossing around at night without any sleep.

If you find that you are at the end of your tether with insomnia, you can always visit your doctor and get some medication. However, most doctors will simply prescribe sleeping pills, which can sometimes be quite addictive and difficult to come off once you are sleeping again. For this reason, most people seek a natural solution to their insomnia. Here are some great natural methods that you can try.

Make Sure Your Bed’s Comfortable Enough

Some people think that they are suffering from insomnia when, in actual fact, they aren’t. They could be finding it difficult to sleep because their mind is distracted by something else. Normally, that’s a very uncomfortable bed! So, you need to make sure that your bed is as comfortable as possible. First of all, take a look at your mattress. If it is older than five years old, you should replace it as soon as possible. If it is quite lumpy but not yet five, you should still get a new one. Old and lumpy mattresses won’t be supporting your back enough while you are in bed, which can end up quite painful. It’s also a good idea to see whether you can get any better bed linen for your bed. For instance, linen made from natural materials, such as cotton, will help your skin breathe and your temperature regulated while you’re asleep. Your pillow might also be affecting your sleeping habits. Ideally, you need some good quality ones, such as Plumeria Bay down pillows, as these will support your neck properly. If your pillows are too soft and quite old, you won’t be getting enough support which could make it difficult to get comfortable and ready for sleep!

Manage Your Stress

Another distraction that can keep us from sleeping is stress. When we are very stressed or worried about a certain situation, we can become very occupied with it, and it can play on our minds a lot. As a result, many people often lay in bed at night worrying. One way to manage these thoughts is to manage your stress levels. By de-stressing, your mind and body can relax, and you will find it much easier to go to sleep each night. Lots of people find that taking part in relaxing techniques, like Yoga, can greatly reduce stress levels. Tai Chi is another great technique for reducing stress, and there are also some studies that have shown it as being a sleep-inducing exercise!

Rock Yourself To Sleep

Most parents find that rocking their baby or toddler can help them fall to sleep very quickly. That’s because the rocking motion can help to relax. Many sleep experts also believe that the swaying sensation helps to bring about the deep-sleep phase faster, which can lead to a great quality of sleep. You might not be able to rock in anyone’s arms now that you are an adult, unfortunately! However, you can still simulate a rocking motion. You just need to buy a rocking chair or hammock. You can then spend an hour or so rocking in the chair before you need to go to bed. Alternatively, get a hammock to replace your standard bed, that way you can rock yourself to sleep!

Drink Some Cherry Juice

There are lots of drinks, including coffee and alcohol, that are well known for preventing and disrupting sleep. So, you need to stay well away from these in the run up to bedtime! However, there is one drink that you should be sipping if you want to try and improve your nightly habits – cherry juice! This fruity juice is naturally high in melatonin, which is a chemical that the body uses to induce sleep. So, by topping up your natural melatonin levels with plenty from cherry juice, you should find that you get to sleep much quicker than normal. In fact, this is so effective, that some studies have shown that people who drink cherry juice twice a day have a much better quality of sleep than individuals who do not drink it.

Work Out In The Mornings

Working out is a great way to tire out your body and get it ready for sleep. However, if you exercise too late in the day, you will find that it actually has the opposite effect, and will keep you awake. That’s because there will be lots of energy still surging around your body. You need to make sure that you have enough time between your workout and going to bed so that your mind and body can calm down and relax before it needs to sleep. For this reason, it is worth only working out in the mornings. Then you will have all afternoon to unwind and, by the time bedtime comes, you will be relaxed and ready to knock out some zzzs!

Check Your Medication

All medication has a different effect on the body and various side effects. The majority of tablets can make individuals drowsy and tired throughout the day. However, there are a few that actually have the opposite effect and could make it harder for you to fall asleep. If you know that your medication can cause you to stay wide awake for a few hours, then it’s best to try and take it as soon as you wake up so that it doesn’t have an effect on your sleep pattern. However, that might not be always possible. If you find that your medication is keeping you awake at night, it’s a good idea to speak to your doctor and see if they can put you on a different type of medicine.

Count Backwards

I’m sure you will have heard people say that counting sheep can help you fall asleep. In actual fact, just counting can help you drop off – you don’t necessarily have to count sheep! Just counting in your head with your eyes closed is enough to help people fall asleep. However, some people find it very hard to concentrate on counting and they find that their mind wanders off. They end up being preoccupied with their usual thoughts and worries and still find it difficult to fall asleep. But there is a way you can try and get round this problem – you just need to count backwards! This is a lot more complicated than simply counting upwards, and you will find that your brain has to focus a lot more on it. Before you know it, you will be sound asleep!

Have A Cup Of Tea

Having a cup of tea is a great way to unwind, and it can also be very beneficial for your sleep. There are even certain teas that can be especially effective. For instance, passionfruit tea has been shown to have positive effects on insomnia sufferers. Many find that a cup of the tea before they go to bed helps them fall to sleep. Lots of people also benefit from drinking chamomile tea. This specific type of tea has got the chemical apigenin in it, which has been proven to calm the brain.

Run A Bubble Bath

One further way to relax and unwind before bed is to take a bubble bath. A recent study has shown that people who suffer from insomnia can really benefit from soaking in the bath for an hour or so. The study showed that individuals who bathed for a long period of time before going to bed found it quicker to get to sleep and they also had a better quality of sleep too. It’s also possible to buy different varieties of bubble bath these days too, most of which are made with relaxing ingredients, such as lavender and chamomile. Make sure that your bath isn’t too hot as well – studies show that the perfect temperature is around 98 degrees Fahrenheit.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can try and improve your sleep patterns in a natural way. By using these natural tips, you should find that your insomnia starts to go away!

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  1. Interesting ideas. I’ve been an insomnia sufferer for about 26 years now and it is no fun!

  2. These are all great suggestions, but I was surprised by the idea of cherry juice for insomnia. I will have to try this out!

  3. Laura Collins says:

    Taking a bubble bath sounds great

  4. These sound like great ways to combat insomnia.