Avoiding Summer Brain With Mathnasium #summeratmathnasium

I partnered with this brand in exchange for product/compensation to share my honest opinion.

I whole heartedly believe that summer is a time for kids to be kids without all the responsibilities of the school year. I do though worry about “summer brain drain.” I feel like at the end of the school year is when my boys have finally caught up and are at-level and then comes summer. Last year both my boys started out behind and I have vowed to do what I can do keep them on track.

I had driven past Mathnasium for this past year and finally got the chance to check it out with one of my boys. Both my boys have totally different learning styles and Mathnasium is a program that I feel will really work with my 9-year-old.

So how does Mathnasium work?

Mathnasium is a building that kids go to for a recommended two days a week for an hour each time.

First your child is given an assessment so a workbook binder can be put together on what exactly they need to work on. My son took about 1.5 hours to do this and we broke it into two days so he wasn’t overwhelmed.

The areas that kids need help with are then compiled into a binder. My son is going into 4th grade but it was found he had some areas from 2nd grade that he needed help with. I was told he would fly through those sections since it wasn’t much but they wanted to make sure he had a good foundation in early math.

Going forward you can just drop off your child for an hour and they will walk in, grab their binder and get started. Oh and they do get to decorate their binder, which my son loved.

What is the best part of Mathnasium that I have found?

There are no scheduled classes! You just show up anytime they are open and get working! With camp and other activities, we are doing, I love the flexibility of showing up anytime and for my 9-year-old it works. Some kids may need a scheduled time or specific teacher but my middle child works best with a random program. I have found too in these past few weeks how nice it is to drop him off whenever we find a free hour! Parents do not need to stay either!

Do I recommend Mathnasium?

Yes! I really like their program and drop-in schedule. Kids are allowed to work on their own pace and when they need help there is an employee right there to help. My son was not thrilled when I said he is going to math tutoring but Mathnasium has proved to be so much more. I wouldn’t call it tutoring either since kids are not really working with a tutor but rather working on a workbook with help when they need it.

I will follow up in a few weeks with how my son is progressing and if I still love Mathnasium!

Check out Mathnasium

We are attending the Mathnasium in Winfield, IL, which is amazing but if you are looking for one in your area, check out the Mathnasium website. I really feel like they are hidden gems that have such great potential for kids!

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  1. Gabriel Bregg says:

    Looks like a great way to keep minds moving and help with retention over the break. I’m all for anything that gets kids excited about learning.

  2. What a great way to keep sharp over the summer. We homeschool and sometimes I feel like we do so much review at the beginning of the year!

  3. I love this. It can be difficult for kids to get right back int the swing of school after having a great summer.

  4. I think this is such a great idea because they still get to learn something cool twice a week for an hour. When I was young it was always hard to adapt back into learning after 8 weeks without school.

  5. I think this is a great way to keep the kids minds sharp. The Summer can cause a lot of mush brains!

  6. I wish it was something like this for me growing up. I am so happy there is a cool drop in schedule for kids just to keep abreast of math especially when its one of the harder subjects.

  7. Mathnasium sounds like a great program for kids. I will check out our area if this is being offered.

  8. That’s awesome! I think programs like this are great for kids especially during the summer. It’s not only going to keep their minds active but remind them of the lessons they learned in the past year as well.

  9. Mathnasium sounds like a great place to work out your brain during the summer months!! I think this is a great way for kids to not lose any math skills they had during those long summer months.

  10. Jennifer Van Huss says:

    That is a fabulous program. I love that they ensure the basics are met before moving on! I love the freedom of showing up without an appointment and I love being able to drop and leave!

  11. What a unique idea! I’ve never heard of a Mathnasium, but I could see how it would be great during the summer (and for family’s that home school). Math is such a difficult subject to learn and understand, it’s great that there are resources out there like this for kids.

  12. heather says:

    I wonder if we have one of these in our area? I am so going to check it out this sounds so wonderful for the kids during the summer to keep on their math skills.

  13. A Mathnasium recently opened in our neighborhood and I’ve been dying to try it. The drop in schedule is so awesome. I’m not looking for tutoring all the time, I just know the kids need homework help every now and then so Mathnasium gets two thumbs up just for that. Now I have to check it out. Thanks for the introduction.

  14. Mathnasium sounds like a great program. I want my kids to have a ton of fun when they’re on break, but I also want them to be prepared when they go back into school. I love this.

  15. Mathnasium sounds like a great program. I want my kids to have a ton of fun when they’re on break, but I also want them to be prepared when they go back into school. I love this.