Meet the intergalactic Mary Poppins: Gabby Duran

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When I was younger I loved books that were part of a series. Books were and still are such a great way to escape for a little bit into someone else’s world. The Gabby Duran series is a series that really allows you to escape into another world, well at least for some of its characters. Gabby is a girl who is such an amazing babysitter that she gets asked to babysit some out-of-this world characters – yes I am talking about aliens!

The book series is funny and I laughed while reading it. It features a strong and smart female character and her friends. It is a girl power book series! Kinda reminds me of Babysitters Club book series from when I was younger but a step further. I haven’t finished all three books yet but I know I will like them all. I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to read and appreciate the series as it cn be hard to find fun but appropriate kids books.

There currently are three Gabby Duran books in the series:


The Association Linking Intergalatics and Earthlings (hereby known as A.L.I.E.N.) has a new member. After months of investigation, Gabby Duran, Associate 4118-25125A, has proven herself to be a babysitter extraordinaire. Her celebrity clients fly her around the country to care for their rambunctious little humans. Our spy, Associate 4118-23432B, otherwise known as Edwina, believes Gabby can be trusted with the truth: aliens are living among humans on Earth. And here at A.L.I.E.N we believe that even extraterrestrials need a babysitter now and then. No one was up to the task…until now. After accepting the top-secret position, Edwina has paired our new associate up with her first charge, a little girl from the planet Flarknartia. The timing for associate 4118-25125A is less than ideal. It’s a school day on Planet Earth, Gabby’s audition for the solo part in the band is tonight, and this tiny alien is a bit more than meets the eye. Can Gabby Duran, Associate 4118-25125A, First Sitter to the Unsittables, keep her otherworldly charge safe in the unpredictable halls of middle-school and keep A.L.I.E.N hidden?

About TROLL CONTROL (Book 2):

Upon successfully completing her first mission, we have assigned Gabby a more . . . puzzling charge. The relationship between trolls and humans has always been rife with tension, and the troll family Gabby is assigned to is especially prickly. But Gabby is not fazed. Our footage shows Associate 4118-25125A playing, laughing, and snacking with Trymmy, the little troll boy, who seems to be thoroughly enjoying himself.

Our liason, Edwina, informed Gabby that trolls love nothing more than a riddle-and stealing items from unsuspecting humans to add to their trove-but Gabby’s certain that all this young troll wants is to have fun. However, it might not be as simple as she thinks. After all, there’s a reason this particular alien offspring has been labeled “Unsittable.”


Gabby Duran, Associate 4118-25125A, Sitter to the Unsittables, has now been entrusted with the care of one of our most volatile charges. His name is One and he’s a member of the Tridecalleon species. While One and his parents present the appearance of a normal, human family, they have some intriguing qualities that make caring for their young a unique challenge. And while, under normal circumstances, inviting outsiders to aid an agent with an Unsittable job would be strictly forbidden, we have decided to forgive Gabby calling in her friends Satchel and Zee in this case. After all, a babysitter only has so many hands. (Unless, of course, he or she is a Flarknartian.)

Making this highly unstable situation an even greater challenge? Gabby has also been assigned to protect a very dangerous object–one that, if it falls into the wrong hands, could cause the destruction of Earth itself. It remains to be seen whether Gabby and her friends are able to handle the demands of eleven . . . wait, twelve . . . no, thirteen babies, while ensuring the safety of the world at the same time. All we can do is wait, and hope, and trust. And ready our escape pods.

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