Movers & Shakers: How To Find A Reputable Moving Firm

The key to a successful move is to avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls that make it so difficult. There are lots of ways to hit this target, but hiring a moving company is usually the best option. With their experience and resources, the move should go without a hitch. However, ‘should’ is the operative word because some firms don’t deserve your custom. In fact, they don’t deserve anyone’s custom as they are cowboys, plain and simple. To ensure you don’t fall into their clutches, here are the factors you need to consider.

Local Vs National Vs International

There is a host of moving companies to choose from, some that operate in the local area and others that have a worldwide reputation. The temptation to let a brand name seduce you will be strong – that’s a fact. However, it is well worth stepping back a moment and considering their location before you sign on the dotted line. In truth, local movers tend to be the best choice as they know the area like the back of their hand. Also, it’s a lot easier to find out more regarding their service and reliability. Indeed, all you need to do is ask a friend for a recommendation.

Step Away From In Keyboard

The internet has changed the way people find any service. Nowadays, you simply type a keyword into Google and browse the links on the results page. Not only is it quick, but it is also simple. Sadly, it isn’t always effective. Of the people that hire bad services, the majority of them are on the Web. That’s because it is easy to set up a good-looking website and lure customers into a false sense of security. The internet is a useful tool, yet it is also a dangerous one.

Shop Around

Far too many people hire the first moving company they come across that appears cheap. This is a bad way to do business as there is no way of knowing if there are better services on the market. To avoid this issue, you must shop around for a great deal. Of course, you can’t interview every candidate because there is too many, so you should choose a maximum of three. Of the three, pick the one that has a balanced mix. For example, one may be cheaper, yet it may not offer certain services. And, as long as the price disparity isn’t too high, there is no reason to fret.

Do Your Research

Finally, it’s vital that you check out the firm before you sign any paperwork. Even those that appear legitimate may have something to hide. That isn’t being cynical – it is careful. With that in mind, try and find out what licenses they hold and if they are relevant. There are lots of permits that a mover needs, especially if you’re going across state lines. A useful tool is a complaints hotline that tells you about any unsatisfied and disgruntled customers.

If there is nothing untoward, it’s time to start packing because you have a big day ahead.

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  1. Have been planning to move and the thought has only been giving me chills! A house full of expensive and delicate furniture being handled by whomsoever is no fun.
    Landed here while looking for some tips before we start packing and book some “movers and packers”. Thats a very thoughtful post.


  2. Laura Collins says:

    You have put a lot of good points I like the one about doing research.