No More Deleting or Loosing Photos Thanks to Picture Keeper

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I used to be someone who carried my camera around everywhere because the quality was so much better than my cell phone. Gosh, remember when phones didn’t have cameras or even when cell phones didn’t exist? Today though between my phone and tablet, I no longer bring my big camera anywhere anymore. The quality on devices just keeps getting better and better!

With the first day of school just around the corner (for us it’s just over a month away and yes I’m counting) I have started cleaning out my devices to make room for a new school year’s worth of photos.

No more deleting pictures to make room!

Most pictures I take are ones I want to keep and lately I feel like I have been deleting pictures I want just to make room. There is too the worry that my photos are not backed up and I will loose them somehow. Queue kids tapping around on my phone deleting photos on accident!

Well now there is a handy little gadget that plugs into Android and iOS devices that will automatically back up photos via an app. The photos are downloaded onto the device and can then be easily copied to other mobile devices (that have the app installed), to a Mac or to a Windows computer. I love the concept that you can easily transfer the photos to a new phone because it is pretty sad to get a new smartphone and have none of your old photos on it. It is also super nice that you don’t have to worry about running up room on your phone from photos, especially while on vacation with no WiFi to back up your phone! After browsing the Picture Keeper website, I found a million reasons why I need a Picture Keeper!

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  1. This Picture Keeper is so handy! I definitely need one to keep all my photos, they are precious to me!

  2. jeanette sheets says:

    sure could use this picture keeper thanks

  3. Deborah L Redding says:

    Love Picture keeper

  4. Wow! Awesome giveaway!!

  5. Thanks for this terrific and generous giveaway.