Protecting Your Property While On Vacation

The summer is here, which means it’s time for you and the family to go away on holiday. But, while you are browsing the best places to vacation this summer, you may also want to think about your property. As you are going to be hundreds if not thousands of miles away, there is a chance it may be in a different state when you come back home. Because no one wants to return to a bomb site, it’s vital to take security seriously. In that spirit, below are the tips that will help you to protect your home while on vacation. After all, not going on holiday isn’t an option!

Don’t Tell Everyone

As the date gets nearer, it is tempting to tell anyone that will listen that you are going away. The problem with loose lips is that gossip spreads very quickly. Before long, everyone in the neighborhood will know your plans, and the fact that you are going away for few weeks won’t be a surprise. Although it is unlikely, this could lead to a breach. As a result, you are better keeping your vacation a secret, or at least not revealing every detail. Some people will need to know, but the others should remain out of the loop.

Make It Look Occupied

Your neighbors are not your main concern. Nope, the primary concern is an opportunist burglar that likes the look of your property. One reason they ‘case a joint’ is the fact that it appears empty. To a thief, this is an invitation to try their luck because there are zero consequences. Okay, you may have an alarm or CCTV, yet they don’t make a difference when you are on a different continent. The key is to prevent a break in by making it appear as if someone is home. Leave lights on inside and out, open the curtains and draw them at night, and ask a friend to collect the mail.

Keep The Heat On

Burglars aren’t the only threat. Sometimes, your actions can lead to potentially dangerous situations as well as damage. Consider your central heating for a moment. When you go away, the odds are high that you will turn it off to save money. However, this can cause the pipes to cool down or freeze, even in the summer. As soon as you turn them back on, the pressure causes them to burst. Homes with heat tape for pipes with thermostat capabilities don’t have to worry as the tape keeps the pipes toasty. If you don’t have a thermostat, you should get a house sitter to turn the heating on and off during the cooler days.

Double Check Your Insurance

Sadly, some things are inevitable and they happen regardless. It doesn’t matter how much you try to stop them because they happen anyway. All you can do in this case is cover your house and claim the damage back on your insurance policy. To do that, you need a wide-ranging and comprehensive plan. If you have one, double check that it is still applicable and covers every base.

Hopefully, these tips will keep the property safe the next time you go on vacation.

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  1. We are lucky to have next door neighbors that check on our house and keep an eye out for anything that looks unusual. We do the same for them when they go on vacation.