What You Need To Remove From Your Bedroom To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Have you tried to get a good night’s sleep recently? It seems that we all need more sleep and even the sleep problems are showing up in our children too, with hospital attendances in England for children under the age of 14 with sleep disorders have tripled in the last 10 years.

And while there are many factors to blame for our children’s lack of sleep there are things that we all need to remove from our lives to make sure we get a good night’s sleep. But as it would be deemed impossible to remove these items from our everyday lives, it’s better just to try and remove them from your bedroom so you can rest better. Here’s what you need to remove.

Your Television

It’s something we ignore as we get older the important wind-down period of time between getting into bed and going to sleep. A paediatric study found that children who had televisions in their bedroom did not get as much sleep as those whose bedrooms were without the box of blue light! We can all say to ourselves that it helps to relax us but while we are sleeping with the TV on, our quality of sleep is nowhere near as good.

Your Old Mattress

The importance of choosing the right bed and mattress is as vital to our quality of sleep as anything. If you have a mattress you’ve been using for around 10 years, it is unlikely to be springy and is more prone to trapping allergens like dust mites which can increase your difficulty sleeping at night, especially if we are prone to allergies in the home or there are asthmatics among you. It’s always best to go for a mattress with memory foam and size is always vital especially if there are two of you in the bed.

Your Phone

This is one we all know is bad for us and affects our sleep quality, yet we still take our phones to bed, and with the amount of blue lights that are being emitted from our smartphones just checking our social media quickly before going to bed can contribute to a reduction in melatonin by more than 50%! Any light that enters your room sends a signal to your brain saying it’s time to wake up, this is why people went to sleep at dusk before the advent of light. It’s beneficial to invest in blackout blinds and if you really need to use your phone invest in a blue light filter.


If your bedroom is cluttered, it is very unlikely that your mind is able to rest properly, and the same applies for mental clutter so keep your room in some discernable order. If you have a lot of things on your mind, it’s important for you to notes them all down before going to sleep so you can drift off with a clear mind.

This whole “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” mentality isn’t doing us any favors overall, so start to get some habits in place and remove these things from your bedroom!

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  1. Very nice ideas, especially this one –“Your Old Mattress” , it makes a huge difference

  2. These are good suggestions. I don’t often see clutter in a list like this, but it does make a difference, and of course, the other things, too.

  3. Jessica Cox says:

    I recently got a new mattress and it has made a huge difference to my sleep, I wake up more refreshed.I also think routine helps with sleep I try and go to sleep at the same time every night.

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