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I received a trial in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

My oldest child is going into fifth grade and honestly has always been playing catch up with school work. He has always needed extra help and of course I am last person he wants helping him. We have tried different strategies for him to learn but it has been a long five years of schoolwork struggles.

Things we have tried with him:

  • Private tutor he met with at the library
  • One and one time with mom or dad
  • Various free online websites
  • Workbooks at home
  • Extra time in the classroom other students after school

I can’t say nothing has worked for him because he has finally caught himself up to his grade level but like I said, it has been a struggle.

Revolution Math is an online program I found about six weeks ago that has been amazing for him. It is a website that my son has been attending once a week for one-hour sessions via an online interface.

What makes Revolution Math amazing?

  • You will receive a learning kit when you sign up then going forward you’ll receive workbooks

  • The program uses a story-based curriculum and Common Core aligned math games. My son actually looks forward to hearing about the stories.
  • The class size is up to four students under a dedicated teacher.
  • Areas of math are taught along with a story of characters, which is read aloud during the session.
  • Comic book style workbooks are sent every three weeks or so for kids to complete and earn extra points.

  • No driving anywhere – you just need a computer/tablet with camera and wi-fi for each session.
  • Same teacher each session so the teacher will always know what works for your child and how to help them. My son loves his teacher and looks forward to his session with “Mr. Sean.”
  • Your child will earn points to move to the next level which is easily checked.

  • Your child will earn gems for various games and activities which can then be used towards real prizes! My son is so excited that he can actually earn himself a scooter or LEGO set!

(The prizes are grayed out because we don’t have enough gems for them yet.)

  • Revolution Math is not just for kids who struggle in math. It is perfect for sparking a love of math for any child or just to help keep kids on track.

What is the catch with Revolution Math?

So you get four sessions a month (or five depending on how many days are in the month) for one hour each and the cost is $149.  To some that can seem expensive but when you break it down into the weekly sessions and the workbooks you receive, it is super reasonable. I did see a discount too if you sign up for year instead of paying monthly. You can also cancel at any time, no contract is required.

As a mom who has tried a lot of different ways to help her child with math, this program has really worked for us. I will say though it may not be for everyone. My middle child is someone who needs to be someone else to learn or he is too distracted. If he was at home online, he would start fidgeting with stuff around him plus he is not a big technology person. He is more of a in-person teacher and someone who likes to work at his own pace quietly. Revolution Math has your child talking and answering questions for an hour, with up to three peers, so they shouldn’t be shy.

It is pretty cool too how your child can write on the screen with their mouse to answer questions:

Revolution Math is also only designed for 2nd-5th graders so if you have a child outside of those grades, it wouldn’t be for you. I feel though 2nd-5th grade is when kids learn such a base for the math they will learn and use the rest of their lives. My son usually whines when I tell him its tell for school or homework, but when I tell him its time for his Revolution Math session I usually find him already sitting at the computer. We are actually continuing his Revolution Math sessions past our trial because my son really enjoys it and I love seeing his love for math grow!

Check out Revolution Math

Learn more about Revolution Math via the website. When you subscribe to weekly emails by clicking GET STARTED, you will receive a promo code to activate for a 2-week FREE trial!


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  1. Jacquelyn Cannon says

    My grandson could use help with multiplication.

  2. Laurie Emerson says

    My son could use help in Math when it comes to division and fractions.

  3. My nephews could use this for fractions and division.

  4. I think that my nephews would use help with this on fractions and division.

  5. Lana simanovicki says

    Fractions and division

  6. Nicole Lancaster says

    My child could use help in long division and fractions.

  7. Leah Shumack says

    My daughter started a little algebra last year and could definitely use some more help in that before it starts to get harder!

  8. Debra Holloway says

    My child could use help with addition and subtraction

  9. Casey Mclendon says

    My son Logan has started his 1st year of homeschool with me. He’s 4th/5th grade level. I don’t want to move him up to new math work I want to review multiplication, division, bigger numbers and make sure he’s solid on that before teaching him newer more advanced work. He’s also learning measurements and fractions!

  10. Crystal Warnick says

    I home school my boys one in kindergarten and one in 4th. They could use this to help them learn new things.

  11. My daughter has a learning disability and memore problems she’s struggling with subtracting

  12. Jennylyn Gross says

    with learning the basic facts

  13. vickie couturier says

    Algebra,,this is something that i cannot help them with,,we didnt learn this when i was in school

  14. With algebra.

  15. Multiplication!

  16. algebra and geometry

  17. My son always liked math but my daughter can struggle at times. This would be a fun way to learn.

  18. Julie Lundstrom says

    My son has a tough time with math. I think this would be a fun way to keep his interest to help him improve on Math.

  19. laura feist says

    my grand child needs help with division

  20. My son needs more practice and help in math with adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers

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