How Mathnasium Helped Us Avoid Summer Brain Drain #summeratmathnasium

I partnered with this brand in exchange for product/compensation to share my honest opinion.

This summer my 9-year-old got the chance to experience Mathnasium, The Math Learning Center. He has been going for almost two months now and it has been so amazing for him! Let me say that it was not always easy to get him there without complaining but once he is there, he is all smiles.

In the past summers, we have tried workbooks and various websites but nothing was working for my middle child. Our house provided too many distractions and fun things to do, he needed more of a classroom setting. Mathnasium has been perfect for him to go and get away from our house distractions and to actually work on math!

So how has Mathnasium worked for us?

I have been dropping my son off 2-3 days a week, every week, for one-hour sessions. He moved up to the next level and has completed two successful assessments so far.

The way it started for him is he was assessed to see what mathematical areas he needed improvement on. From those results, a workbook was compiled for him to work on each session.

What has been great for me is that I don’t have to stay with him. I am able to drop him off and come back in an hour. There are no set times either, which is perfect for busy summer schedules. I am able to drop him off any time our Mathnasium center is open. Our center is open 5 days a week, and like I said my son goes 2-3 days. The recommended amount is at least 2 days a week but really a child could go as many days as they want for no additional cost. The monthly cost of Mathnasium covers as many sessions as you want in the month. Again a huge bonus as you can really get your money’s worth if you are able to bring your child there more often. This would be great too for during the school year when your child is struggling for a test or certain subject and needs extra help.

During the school year, I was told your child could even bring in their homework or test prep to get help on, in addition to their binder work. As a parent who was not the best at math, this is awesome because I have tried to help my son at math before and I feel like I might have done more damage than help!

Like I said, my son has complained about going because he hates to stop playing but every time I have picked him up, he has been all smiles. At the end of his sessions, he gets time to play a math game with a Mathnasium employee or another child. All the games are math-related which is a great way to unwind at the end of a session. I love that they give kids a way to realize that math is fun and not just workbook pages.

At the end of the month, parents are emailed a Progress Report to give you an update on your child’s progress. I really appreciated knowing exactly what my child is working on and what they have mastered. It is good for me as a parent to then be able to help him at home if I can.

What has been a great motivator too for my son is the rewards that he has been earning. After completing various mastery pages in his workbook he earns a punch on his punch card. The punch cards then get to be turned in exchange for rewards. If a reward is not appealing to your child, they can even tell Mathnasium what they really want and a reward amount will be set on it! For example, if your child’s an Amazon gift card, Mathnasium will set a reward card amount required in exchange for that gift card.

I would recommend Mathnasium to any parent looking for a way to help their kids in math. It is great for kids who need help from an open workspace outside of home. It is just like having a private tutor but without the high cost of one. I actually looked into a tutor last summer and she charged $50 an hour but didn’t really have a baseline for what she would work on with my son. There was no assessment from her but rather she would just work on whatever specific area he worked on last in school. The Mathnasium assessment brought light to me that my son needed help with telling time, basic multiplication and word problems – I thought he knew all that already!

I feel confident that my son will start off 4th grade on track and even he admitted that he feels better about math now.

Check out Mathnasium

We are attending the Mathnasium in Winfield, IL, which is amazing but if you are looking for one in your area, check out the Mathnasium website. I really feel like they are hidden gems that have such great potential for kids!

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  1. Cynthia R says:

    I’ve started seeing these in a few of the towns nearby. My mom always had workbooks and made us do homework during the summer, primarily math! Boy did we hate it!

  2. This looks like a good way for kids to keep up their math skills. Plus it looks enjoyable and think it really helps when kids can learn at their own pace and really master the skill.s

  3. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    I have never heard of this before. What a great learning experience and it also sounds like some fun. Thank you so much for sharing. I am glad your child got to attend this summer