A Guide to Strollers at Every Price Range

Expecting a bundle of joy in your life soon? Or perhaps you’re looking at stroller prices for a friend? Were you blown away by the cost of some of the strollers that you encountered? Maybe you need a triple stroller?

Consumer Reports show some strollers retailing at $1,300! Wonder how you are going to afford the stroller, plus all the other baby stuff you need before the baby arrives? Don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to buy a stroller? But perhaps you are looking for affordable strollers that will still protect your precious cargo?

Read on for a guide to strollers at every price range, plus what to watch for.

Strollers for up to $30.

At this price, strollers are lightweight and easy to pack. The wheels are typically small, and the frame is collapsible and folds down and won’t take up much space, whether placing it in your trunk or garage. The Cosco Umbrella Stroller is one such option. Buy a stroller at this price if you need something cheap that you can pull out for when you are taking a trip and do not have space for a larger model.

Strollers for up to $60.

At $60, this is where quality merges with affordability. Umbrella strollers provide an excellent marriage of size, cost, and features. With strollers in this price range, you can expect to see more padding, bigger wheels, and a larger frame overall. Often, they also provide a couple of cushy extras, such as storage baskets, holders for sippy cups, hooks, etc.

Strollers at this price range provide more ease when it comes to pushing and maneuverability. Nicer grips on the handles, and a sturdier look overall.

Strollers for up to $100.

The cheapest travel system strollers retail for about $100. So if you were looking for a stroller that included a removable infant car seat, this is about how much you should expect to pay. All-in-one travel system strollers are a good option if you plan on using the car with your baby. However, if you live in the city, or do not own a car, then the infant car seat is an un-needed addition. Instead, at this price range, you could opt for a better-constructed stroller that will last for as long as your kid’s stroller-using years.

Strollers for up to $300.

Want something stylish, well-padded, easy to use, and compact, too? Well-constructed popular models of strollers are typically over $100. They also provide special features. If you want to jog with your baby, for example, expect to pay over $100 for a jogger stroller. If you need a stroller that can push two, then you will also be paying somewhere between $100 to $300, depending on the type of double stroller. Double strollers come in side-by-side models. Double-decker models have the older sibling on a lower level, with the infant in a baby crib-style seat positioned so he or she can see the mother’s face.

Strollers for $300 to $500.

Want to splurge on a stroller with all the bits and pieces and bells and whistles? Travel system strollers and other models that are well made and boast the highest reviews are typically within this price range. From the Chico Bravo model to the Graco Relay and beyond. If your budget is up to $500, then the stroller you get will likely be high-quality and will last until your kid no longer needs to be pushed around.

Luxury strollers for $600 to $1200 or more.

Strollers in this category are often marketed to those who have too much money and don’t know how to spend it. For a stroller priced in this range, you get the prestige of pushing a pram that your favorite celebrity also swears by. Plus, it might even double as a high chair, a make-shift tent if it rains, and likely is made of expensive fabrics that are hard to source.

The good news is that just as there are expensive strollers, there are also strollers that are affordable, well-made, and quality. Even though a travel system stroller looks fancy, you might not need what it offers. The stroller you choose should suit your family’s needs. Avoid using a stroller to impress the neighbors. Read reviews and do your research on each stroller model you are considering. Customer reviews are a safe way to make sure you get a stroller that meets or exceeds your expectations.

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    wow such a price range. My daughter is pregnant with her first so looking to start buying baby things.

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