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Did you know US customers can now see photos and play a slideshow of their albums on the Amazon Fire TV with their Alexa Voice Remote by just asking Alexa? “Show my photos” – just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? The Alexa Voice Remote goes a step forward and makes it even easier for families to view their photos without having to tap all over searching for them, talking really is so much easier! Prime Photos comes pre-installed on Amazon devices and keeps all your photos organized once you start adding photos.

All US Amazon customers even receive 5 GB free digital storage for photos, videos, and files. So even if you don’t pay for Prime membership you can still take advantage of free photo storage.

Have Amazon Prime?

Prime membership includes unlimited photo storage with Prime Photos and 5 GB digital storage for videos and files. Prime members can even search for people, places, and things, with phrases like, “show photos of dogs,” “show photos of Wyoming,” or “show photos of Jane.”

Prime Photos helps keeps photos handy for whenever and wherever you need them. We are no longer tied to one computer for our photo storage! Users also can save valuable computer space by storing photos online with Prime Photos. Yeah for sending photos safely to the cloud.

The whole family and friends (up to 5 members) can also be invited to receive unlimited photo storage and collect photos together in the family vault. This makes it super easy to print and order customized gifts as well (with free delivery with Prime.)

Viewing photos on Amazon Fire TV is a great addition to what Amazon already offers!

Have you heard about the Echo Show?

Simply hold down the microphone button, then say a command, like “Show my photos.” You can even specify by date, or by the name of an album you created in your Prime Photos account. By just saying the command starting with “Alexa” you can start viewing all your photos on the Echo Show device.

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  1. Angelica C Dimeo says:

    I would love to see pictures from this summer with my kids

  2. kay wright says:

    of my daughter and i

  3. Would love to see the pictures from my trip to Spain!

  4. Kim Cowgar says:

    I’d be excited to see our photos from our 3 week road trip this summer (vacation)

  5. tabetha tlili says:

    would love to win this

  6. I would like to see family photos

  7. Pat Schwab says:

    I would like my kids to share their photos with me. Thanks

  8. I am most excited to share pictures of our acreage

  9. Julie Waldron says:

    I’m excited to see our photo’s from Washington DC.

  10. I’m excited to see our family vacation photos. It takes me forever to create photo books so they sit on the computer. I’d love to look at them frequently and so would my children.

  11. The kids will be excited to see photos of themselves!

  12. The photo album I would be most excited to see is one of my children as they grow and their love for one another

  13. christopher h says:

    mostly photos of the kids

  14. Christine Weary says:

    The photo album I’m excited to see on Amazon Fire TV is pictures of my grandkids.

  15. Sherrie Cruson says:

    The photo album I’m most excited to see on my Amazon Fire TV contains my vacation pics to Disneyland.

  16. Would love to have amazon fire tv 🙂

  17. Kathleen Ophelan says:

    a girlfriend mentioned it on Facebook

  18. I would love to see some of the pictures of my trips up north to see the leaves and the waterfalls.

  19. Joyce Y casas says:

    I am always surprised and pleased when it brings up a travel photo I had forgotten about, making me wonder “Where exactly was that taken?!” or when it was taken, or even wonder aloud (laughably) “Gee,I looked so much more (fill-in-the-blank) back then!” Sometimes this kind of photo will set off a long conversation or reminiscing about all the details it encapsulated. “I llooked so unhappy in this pic because I really had to find a bathroom just then, lol!”

  20. ANNETTE FISHER says:

    i want to see photos of my family + friends.

  21. I am excited to see our vacation photos!

  22. I’m most excited to see our vacation photos!!

  23. I’m excited to see my baby’s photos

  24. Pamela Gurganus says:

    The photo album I’m most excited to see on my Amazon Fire TV is my parents wedding album.

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