Digital Decorating For Holidays With AtmosFX

I received products/compensation in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

I love going all out for holidays both inside and out. Recently digital projection designs have been becoming popular so I figured I should check them out. What I found though is they usually go outside and project onto your house. I was concerned though about leaving an expensive decoration like that outside plus I wasn’t impressed with the designs available.

AtmosFX is a company that I kept seeing advertised on Facebook and knew I had to check out. What makes AtmosFX stand out though is their digital decorations are amazing! (You can actually check out an AtomsFX comparison against other projectors.)

Here is a video of some of the Halloween digital decorations in my front video:

Now with AtomsFX you can buy just the digital decorations and use your own projector or buy an AtomsFX Digital Decorating Kit. I actually got just the decorations on their own first and downloaded them onto a flashdrive. I have a small projector I was going to use it on.

Then I saw the AtmosFX Digital Decorating Kit and I loved how it was an all-in-one. You get the projector, digital decorations already on the device, remote, tripod and screen fabric. Plus you get decorations for tons of holidays so you can use your new projector throughout the year. Oh and you can add more digital decorations to it that you purchase via an SD Card.

I honestly have received so many compliments on our decorations and my kids ask if they can go outside and watch it again and again. Luckily set up is so easy. Just open it up and plug it in! No wi-fi required or creating an account since everything is stored on the device. You can literally have a digital show up in minutes. Oh and add a minute if you need to tack up the fabric!

My only complaint is it can be a pain to get this setup each time with the decorations you want to display. For example, I like to turn this on before its dark out since we are usually running out for sports and I have to project it onto a wall to see which buttons I am pushing to set it up, then angle it at the screen and hope its positioned right.

A touchscreen on the device would help but then the cost would go up. It does only take a few minutes to click and select the decorations but it is just a pain projecting it on a different wall to set it up – because when I project it on the sheet it is impossible to see.

Don’t mind the wrinkles, luckily you can’t tell its wrinked in the dark!

Oh another great feature about this projector though is the ability to display horizontal or verticle and both inside and out. So whichever your window or wall is, there are digital decorations available for it.

Here is my favorite decoration, I took this outside my house:

When I say both inside and out, I mean you can project this inside on a wall or window to enjoy inside the house. This makes for a great background. There are even some spooky decorations that appear as if they are coming through the wall! You can also project the illusions are your tv!

The different displays available are:

Honestly, I was skeptical about the quality and know that advertising can be deceiving but Atmos FX really does work. The quality is amazing and there are so many cool things to do with it. I honestly struggled to decide where to use our new projector as I wanted the digital decorations everywhere in my house as well as out.

Where Are AtmosFX Products Sold?

Check out the AtmosFX website and AtmosFX YouTube Channel to learn more!
You can also find AtmosFX products on Amazon!

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  1. Jennifer Van Huss says:

    That is a really cool projector! A neighbour had one and it was so life like my kids didn’t want to go! Love it!

  2. I usually don’t decorate but I’ve been getting more festive lately. This is a great idea to get people good. – yolonda

  3. Carol Cassara says:

    I’ve been seeing these around for some time now and I think they’re awesome! It’s perfect for people who would like to add a little extra horror to their decorations this season.

  4. That is so cool! Christmas is the time of year when I really go all out to decorate. I would love to have that!

  5. Now this is my kind of Halloween decorating!! I would love to get this and scare some of the kids in my neighborhood! HA!

  6. No way that is such a cool product but that would totally freak me out!!

  7. Cyn Gagen says:

    I”ve been eyeing these for a while and wondering more about them. Now you have me convinced. This is just the holiday touch I want for my home.

  8. sara lafountain says:

    The AtmosFX is such a cool idea! I know that my kids would love it as well.

  9. Oh my gosh … this is so cool. I know a bunch of people who would love this! I will be forwarding it along.

  10. That is so amazing! I love to decorate for the holidays, but sometimes the physical decorations can get to be so much work.

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