Moms Can Make Extra Spending Money with Focus Groups

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Would you like to get paid for your opinions? Everyone could afford to earn extra money every once in a while, and for only an hour or two of your time, you can earn extra spending money through paid focus groups. It’s understandable that as a mother, you may not have a ton of time on your hands. Your kids naturally keep you busy. Fortunately, these surveys and panels do not take up a lot of time, and you will be paid for simply giving your opinion on topics that interest you.

What Is a Focus Group?

A focus group is essentially a gathering of a selected group of people who participate in a planned discussion to voice their opinions on a product, service, or idea. These researchers are typically hired by a company looking to get input on a current product or a product that is going to be released in the near future. Researchers look for people who are likely to use the product to participate in a study. For instance, they will look for mothers or parents in general when a company wants input on products such as training pants or diapers, or on topics such as education or insurance.

The best part for the participants is that they are often paid anywhere between $50 and $200 for a couple hours of their time. There are some studies that pay even more, but they often require a larger time commitment. Focus groups can either take place in person or online. There are also different research types, such as:

  • Taste Test: This is where participants are given a product to eat or drink, and they give their opinions on how good it tastes.
  • Product Placement: A product is given to a participant who uses the product and then provides input on how the product performed for them.
  • Online Community: This is where a participant is part of a community of people who are offering their input within an online message board. These surveys are typically conducted over weeks, months or even years.
  • Home-Based Interview: This is where a researcher visits the participant’s home. There are similar interview types where the interview takes place over the phone or through a webcam.
  • Online Survey: These surveys can be done in one sitting, or they can be recurring. Participants are provided with a set of predetermined questions, and they have to input their opinions.

There are many different types of research, which is great for moms. For instance, a stay-at-home mom can participate in an online survey, webcam interview, or phone interview to earn some extra money. She earns money without having to leave the house or hire a babysitter to watch the kids. However, even if a study requires someone to visit a site for an hour, there are often groups throughout the day, creating flexibility for parents who have school-aged children.   

What Are the Benefits of a Paid Focus Group?

A big reason to do paid focus groups is that they are a lot of fun! You get to meet and network with new people. Many people who participate in paid marketing research do so because they feel like their opinion is making a difference. Helping to shape the products and services you and others use can be very gratifying. Of course, a major reason people participate is to earn extra money. Many people end up earning $100 for an hour of work (if you can really call it work). That is a pretty good deal! The one thing to keep in mind is that focus groups and other research types are not a reliable source of income, but they can help if you need some extra money quick.

How Do You Qualify?

Signing up for focus groups is fairly simple. You will need to provide basic information, such as your date of birth, email address and zip code. Based on this information, the company will send you surveys to see if you qualify for a particular study. If you are contacted, you need to respond quickly because focus groups can fill up fast. It is helpful to provide a mobile phone number so that you can be reached from anywhere.

Make sure you are signing up with a reliable research company. One of the most reliable and reputable companies is Focus Pointe Global. Registration is free, and you can get started by checking the available studies in your area by going to their participant website,

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  1. Michelle S says:

    I am registered at a local marketing/research firm in my town. Most recently I earned $50 for about 45 minutes of giving my opinions on facial wipes. It’s not often I get a chance but it’s nice extra money when it happens.

  2. Lana simanovicki says:

    This is perfect I’m gonna check this out more thank you

  3. I have a friend that does this quite often and it has worked well for her.

  4. This is a great way to make extra money.

  5. Victoria Scott says:

    I had never thought of this! Thanks for the direction!

  6. I’ve been thinking about joining some kind of secret shopper/focus group. I get frustrated with online survey places because unless you drink a lot, are shopping for insurance, or buying a car, you are disqualified for nearly every survey. I would like though to make some extra side money and try different products.

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