Personalized Wine Delivered to Your Door From Winc

I received product/compensation in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

I have never been a wine connoisseur but do appreciate a good wine. I buy wine based on recommendations from friends and family, otherwise, I am completely clueless as to what I should buy.

Winc is a company that is not your traditional wine club. They are a direct-distribution global wine company that personalizes the entire wine experience. You answer a few questions about yourself via a 6-question Palate Profile quiz and Winc recommends wine based on your unique tastes. It takes the hassle and guesswork out of picking a bottle from your local liquor store and delivers the perfect bottles directly to your doorstep.

The goal of Winc is to create new wine lovers who will grow to appreciate wine from start to finish. No more intimidating language and steep price points, and more joy in the act of sharing a bottle. The whole process is so easy and before you know it you’ll receive a box of wine on your doorstep.

I absolutely love the wine choices Winc chose for me. I would have never found these wines without Winc. It is so much easier to get wines that I will actually enjoy rather than just picking one that looks pretty off the shelf plus I don’t have to leave the house to shop for them!

Check out Winc and Save:

$22 Off Your First Month of Winc Wine – Winc offers 4 personalized wines each month. Bottles start at $13 each.

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  1. Tabitha Miller says:

    I always want to try it at night but still won’t with kids in house.

  2. Dee Johnson says:

    Looks like a great service. I would enjoy trying out new wines from home.

  3. Krista Miller says:

    Winc sounds great – so convenient.

  4. I’m believing more and more in ordering everything online, so nice to have it arrive right at your door and looks like fun selections.

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